Despair and hope for women’s equality

Others have been engaged in this struggle for Christian women’s equality far longer than I have.   Sometimes it appears that all Christiandom prefers to teach and believe that wives must submit to their husbands because the Bible says so, and because somehow earthly submission to a man represents willingness to submit to Christ.  Husbands get to submit to God directly.

So at times, I feel overwhelmed with the task set before me.  I take it personally because I know that God called me to this work. Sure, I understand that I am just one cog in the wheel, but that means that I must work diligently so others can also do their work.

I felt despair this week because my book is not reaching those I want it to reach, and I have done everything I know how to do.

Last week I took my book to a locally owned Christian bookstore to ask if they would carry it. I knew they wouldn’t as they belong to a male headship church. Sure enough, they called and said they could not carry it, citing space as the reason. I picked up my book and put it in the trunk of my car, along with the other box I carry.

Thursday I stopped at a Book Exchange bookstore that I pass every day on my way to work. I told the gentleman that I was a local author and he said “this is where your book will go.” On a wall was a rack with 3 holders to display books by local authors. One was empty. I put my book in the empty holder and he asked me if I had another one to put in the Christian section. Of course I did! I left 3 books. He said that he did not want any money and that all the money I made would be mine. I priced the books just above the other local authors’ books.  He said RVers like to come to his store and they like to buy books by local authors.

Pray for wide distribution of my book “Dethroning Male Headship,” carried throughout the nation in an RV!

Another ray of hope I received this week was from CBE International (Christians for Biblical Equality).  They told of a private Christian university in southern California, Biola University, that has begun a meeting place for egalitarians.  Thrive is its name, and has become an official ministry of the university.  It is a small beginning. A small chapter in a Christian university.  There are 21 CBE chapters in the U.S., Australia, and Africa.  I am a founding member of the CBE Houston chapter.  I am also attending the Pittsburgh, PA, Christians for Biblical Equality annual meeting, along with 6 other Chapter members from Houston.

Pray for people to feel the need to form CBE chapters in other colleges and cities.

We face a daunting task as it appears the whole world of Christiandom chooses to teach female submission even though the Bible does not.

Will you pray for hope among the despair?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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