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Shirley Taylor has written three books on women’s equality. All are available on Amazon in print and on Kindle. Click here to purchase.

raising-the-hood-9-2016  Women Equal no buts  DMH Second Edition

RAISING THE HOOD: A CHRISTIAN LOOK AT MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD. Published September 23, 2016. Available in print and kindle on Amazon. Click here for all my books

Biblical manhood and womanhood are code words meaning that men are to rule the church, their house, their wife, and their family. We are not First Century people and we cannot be held to those restrictions of male hierarchy.

So here we are today with seminars, blogs, books, movies, sermons, discussions, Bible studies, etc., extolling God’s so-called grand design of manhood and womanhood.

Outside the church, Monday through Saturday, women are equal. How long do you think it will be before women decide that they are also equal on Sunday and in their own homes?

My name is Shirley Taylor and I call myself the street evangelist for women’s equality. I am a Christian blogger for women’s equality. From the blog to the book, “Raising the Hood” is a compilation of my blogs, and picks up after “Women Equal – No Buts.”

Women Equal – No Buts: Powered by the same Source. From the blog to the book, with humor and righteous outrage, Shirley Taylor gives you a look at leadership roles for today’s Christian women. Women are told they are equal-but they have different functions. That theology is not found in the Bible. But it determines the roles women are allowed in church, and even extends inside their own homes. Women are told they are created by God’s grand design to graciously submit to their husbands because by doing so, they are actually submitting to Jesus. We know women have different functions, but whether or not they lift the lid is not a spiritual function, and should not be the criteria for leadership roles. The church, which should have been the first to recognize women’s equality, has proven to be the last holdout against women. Women are beginning to question this theology. This book gives insight to what pastors are saying about women, and what they are preaching on Sunday morning. It calls them to account for their teaching. It also calls women to account for neglecting their responsibility to themselves and to other women. You will be challenged to get off your equal-but and speak up and do something. Men will be challenged to take their place alongside women, not in front of women. Originally written as blog posts on, the content has been edited, updated, expanded, and revised. This book is written for Christians, but anyone who has a sense of justice will be outraged at what Christians are doing to each other when they deny women full equality in the church and in the home. Shirley Taylor is the author of the companion book Dethroning Male Headship.

Dethroning Male Headship: Second Edition. Are women forced to bury their talents and abdicate their responsibilities to serve as pastors, deacons, and equals? Church leaders claim only husbands have authority over wives, but when women are denied authoritative ministry positions in churches for no other reason than because they are female, it is clear that the belief is that all men have authority over all women all of the time. Taylor challenges Christians to re-examine these practices in light of God’s Word. (Original edition is no longer available).

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  2. Cindy K says:

    Get that new book up there, Ms Shirley!


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