Vision Statement of bWe Baptist Women for Equality

I want to be able to walk into my church and not feel that my church holds it against me that I am a woman.

Mission Statement of bWe Baptist Women for Equality

We will seek out those who believe in equality for Christian women.  We will actively promote Christian women’s equality in churches by exposing false teaching.  We will in all ways be courageous, be honest, and be actively working toward equality in  churches for all women.

Shirley Taylor is a member of Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE)  I do not speak for CBE nor do they speak for me.


Books, websites, and blogs are listed on this website to help you become familiar with the Equality for Women issue. I have not read all these books, nor have I read every word on these websites or blogs.

The reason they are found here is that there is some information on these sites and in these books that I believe can help you acquire a better understanding of gender equality.

Blogs and websites can change as the writers are constantly updating them, or even dropping off the scene altogether. They are wholly responsible for their own material.  I cannot keep up with all they write, and all of their views, and certainly could not be expected to agree with everything on their site.

This is what I look for in a book, a website, and a blog:

  • It has Christ as its center.

  • The Egalitarian view of women as equals dominates over the complementary view of women.

  • There is a reasonable expectation that the Egalitarian view is treated fairly in all materials.

I am a woman who has become convinced that we as a group of believers have distorted the position of women to the point of being ridiculous. We have used literal English interpretations of the scriptures to keep women from serving fully as God calls them. We have used the Book that teaches love, to deny women their freedom in Christ.

Won’t you join women everywhere in speaking out for Equality for Women in our churches?

Shirley Taylor

bWe Baptist Women for Equality

aka: Baptist Women for Equality

2 Responses to Vision/Mission

  1. Susan Clarke says:

    Hi Shirley, here is another website to add to your list.
    God’s Word To Women

    God Bless!


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