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February 11, 2016 – Listed as one of the “49 Seriously Good Blogs for Christian Egalitarians” by The Junia Project

“Street Evangelist for women’s equality,” is how Shirley introduces herself. In early 2014, she began speaking up and giving out her book to those who seemed interested. Eventually that led to business cards. Watch for her. You might find Shirley anywhere and be the recipient of a “Shirley Taylor – Street Evangelist for women’s equality” business card.

Read “Reports from the Street Evangelist on her website www.shirleytaylor.net

My books on women’s equality are:

Dethroning Male Headship: Second Edition
Women Equal – No Buts: Powered by the same Source
Raising the Hood: A Christian Look at Manhood and Womanhood

RAISING THE HOOD: A CHRISTIAN LOOK AT MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD. Published September 23, 2016. Available in print and kindle on Amazon. Click here for all my books

Biblical manhood and womanhood are code words meaning that men are to rule the church, their house, their wife, and their family. We are not First Century people and we cannot be held to those restrictions of male hierarchy.

So here we are today with seminars, blogs, books, movies, sermons, discussions, Bible studies, etc., extolling God’s so-called grand design of manhood and womanhood.

Outside the church, Monday through Saturday, women are equal. How long do you think it will be before women decide that they are also equal on Sunday and in their own homes?

My name is Shirley Taylor and I call myself the street evangelist for women’s equality. I am a Christian blogger for women’s equality. From the blog to the book, “Raising the Hood” is a compilation of my blogs, and picks up after “Women Equal – No Buts.”

Revised edition released September 2015: Dethroning Male Headship: Second Edition. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

Women Equal-No Buts: Powered by the same Source is now available on Kindle and Amazon.  You will be challenged to get off your equal-but and speak up and do something. Men will be challenged to take their place alongside women, not in front of women.

Dethroning Male Headship was released May 1, 2013.  Read the article in my local newspaper “Woman “fed up” with male headship has book signing.  Click here. This book is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

My husband Don and I have been married for 53 years.  He is my biggest supporter. For over 14 years I was a ministry assistant in the Church Starting Center of the Baptist General Convention of Texas (also known as BGCT and now known as Texas Baptists).  In 2000, I became convinced that the Southern Baptist Convention was starting down a path of holding women to the 1st century Bible days, while the men were allowed to move into the 21st century.  This blog is to encourage women to claim the equality that is rightfully theirs.

I find that I can no longer support Baptists and their belief system. The Southern Baptist Convention has decided to freeze in place.  Or more specifically, have decided that women are to freeze in place while the men are allowed to move on into this 21st century.  No restrictions have been placed on the men.  In fact, in the adoption of the Danvers Statement of Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood by the Southwestern Theological Baptist Seminary, it will be made very clear that the men are selected by God to have Male Headship over the women and over the families.  This is going to have long-term results and women will suffer because of it.  They will suffer because there is no way you can give men, or women for that matter, this kind of god-like power that this statement gives them without it having serious consequences. Remember that the serpent tempted Eve by saying “…you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”  A man cannot be between his wife and God.  That makes him a god, and her a lesser being.

So, no.  I have had enough.  Paige Patterson of the SWTBS and Al Mohler, do not speak for me.  Mr. Piper and Mr. Grudem do not speak for me.  I am a Christian woman.  And I claim my equality in the body of Christ, no matter what church I am in.

Follow with me on this journey.  Your participation is needed.

Shirley Taylor

www.shirleytaylor.net for all my books and information.

From a reader about my blog:   

I have to say, reading your blog has been very beneficial for me personally. I was troubled by half-believing a couple of things comp doctrine says, but with your scriptural understanding and logic you’ve helped to convince me further that God really is gender-blind.

As a result I’ve been able to see God as more of a loving Father, perfect in fairness and in how he views all humans.  I’ve been able to see more of how he sees me – that he doesn’t value anyone more than me, and doesn’t value me more than anyone else. Especially not based on gender. I’ve realised that he loves me and judges me based on my heart, and doesn’t take sex into account when he looks at my soul, or anyone’s soul for that matter. That said, he loves me as a woman as well, and sees not a weaker-made servant but someone of equal strength, who can do a few things that fill in the gaps for men, like men can do a few things that fill in gaps for us. Other than that, the sexes are no different and neither were meant to ‘lead’. 

Thanks to your blog, primarily (I’ve also done some external reading), I’ve been able to see myself more through God’s eyes. Thank You. 

Shirley Taylor is a member of Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE.

Shirley Taylor is a member of Equity for Women in the Church.

http://vimeo.com/14824926 Video of our Seneca Falls 2 Christian Women’s Rights Convention July 24, 2010.  See Shirley Taylor speak

http://vimeo.com/14784960  Husband and Wife:  Homemakers Together from FreeCWC’.com. Three minute version of speech.

14 Responses to About

  1. I have nominated your blog with the Shauny Award For Blogging Excellence! Thank you so much for all that you do to help others rise beyond abuse!


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  4. Regina says:

    Hello Shirley,
    Came across your website from another. Are you in another denomination now?


    • Welcome to this blog. You ask if I am in another denomination now. The simple answer is yes. I have joined a Methodist church after being told over and over to go somewhere else. But Methodists have not entirely come on board with women’s equality. They think they have, but they have not. In a huge Methodist church 4 years ago, the minister gave the marriage to the husband. Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, are all influenced by Baptists. They don’t even know where it comes from and why they are still being taught male headship. It is because of all the literature, prevailing teaching all around them, marriage seminars, and neighbors and friends who attend a male headship church. So the problem is huge, and it is still present, and because Baptists are the second largest denomination in the US, their influence is mighty. Campus Crusade, Promise Keepers, Focus on the Family, CBMW, Together for the Gospel, Gospel coalition, 9marks, Acts 29, SBC, Masters Seminary and other seminaries like them, Mega Churches with cult like personalities all follow their teaching and find it acceptable. Catholics teach equality in marriage, but not in church. Baptists and the people they influence teach male headship in the church and home. I have been a Baptist for 53 years, longer than many of you have lived. My siblings go to Baptist churches, my father was a deacon and pianist in the little church we went to when I was a kid. I worked for Baptists for almost 15 years. I keep up with Baptists. I began my ministry as bWe Baptist Women for Equality, and that is who I am, what I am, and how I identify myself so that others can follow the paper (computer) trail of my ministry. I write about Baptists in my two books Dethroning Male Headship and Women Equal-No Buts: Powered by the same Source. However, very few Baptists read my books or my blog, or my works. If they do, I never hear from them. Those of us who are working for women’s equality have become very ecumenical. We come from all faiths, bound together by a common thread, that of the desire for women to be free from male domination, because we believe the Bible tells us so. I welcome you to read more about women’s equality. A good source is http://www.cbeinternational.org (of which I am a member). There are many free articles and books you can purchase on their resources link. Thank you for writing. I hope this answers your questions. If not, write again. Or write again anyway. I would love to hear from you.


    • Proverbs 31 Wife. You know that the wife in Proverbs 31 is liberated, free to come and go, make deals, and run her family. But complementarians wives are not free to do those things. It is too bad that complementarians have misused that scripture. I am not sure how you justify being a Proverbs 31 wife, unless you are truly egalitarian in church and home.


      • Regina says:

        I chose this prv31wife many years ago when email was relatively a new concept and I wanted something different. I’m usually very creative when I choose a user name and I like Proverbs 31. I love the part about her children call her blessed any her husband too.
        Lately I’ve felt like the mean mommy because I won’t let my girls go to R rated movies or watch certain TV shows. Sigh!
        So anyway that’s why I have that user name. I have another email account that has been taken over by spam (ugh!) that one is threegirls4god for my three sweet daughters 🙂


      • Proverbs 31 is a beautiful chapter and like I said, a liberating chapter. You know the woman mentioned was not buying and selling to women only. She is out there! She is wheeling and dealing with the big boys. But complementarians have chosen the part about her adoring her husband and have made that the central meaning. It is good to love and adore your husband. I love and adore mine, even after 52 years! Thanks for replying. I work for women’s equality every day, and hope that I can count on you to help with this ministry.

        Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 01:54:09 +0000 To: bwebaptist.women@live.com


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