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bWe Baptist Women for Equality  – in the news

Petition asks gender role group to repent.

Shirley Taylor gives steps for schism on

October 10, 2013

Shirley Taylor article in Arise online newsletter from CBE International.


May 17, 2013

Shirley Taylor “fed up” with male headship in church and home.  Read the story 

Associated Baptist Press

Worth repeating: 2010–the year in Quotes

Video of women’s right meeting posted online

Evangelical group still waiting for an apology

Christians demand apology for anti-woman teaching

Website seeks to rally support for women’s ordination

Baptist Standard

Worth repeating: 2010 — the year in Quotes

A time to reflect on women’s honored place in the gospel

Baptists Today

A Passion for Equality

Baptist Planet

More about bWe Baptist Women for Equality

 Big Daddy Weave

(Southern )Baptist Women for Equality

Mainstream Baptists
Scroll to Monday, July 26, 2010

Christian Women Demand Apology (Bruce Prescott)

2 Responses to In the News

    • This is about Jimmy Carter and is very old. He actually did this before 2009 which is the date of the article. When I worked for BGCT in 2000 he said this same thing and one day the phone rang and it was the Atlanta Constitution asking me about Jimmy Carter! I was in a small field office and was really surprised. I said, you will have to talk with someone at BGCT headquarters.” today I might have a different answer!


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