The Bird

Birds fly freely through the air. They decide where they want to go and what they want to do.  We all want to be free like the bird is.

However, many people who claim they love, or do love, birds, will put those birds in a cage so they cannot fly as God intended them to do.

Women have been put in a cage, protecting them from freely flying through the air. But mainly limiting what they can do with the body that God gave them.

The Bird picture on my blog is my favorite heading.  I have used other pictures and will again at times, but I love this Bird.

This Bird has you in his/her sight.  Bird is looking directly at you. Bird is asking you what are you doing for women’s equality?

There is no hiding from Bird’s eyes.

Thank you all for visiting my blog.  Together we are creating a network of people who are advocating for women’s equality.  But, like Bird, I ask you – What are you doing for women’s equality?


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