Spiritual Leader is home in bed

A Baptist deacon didn’t like what I had said in my letter to the editor so he shot back with his own letter in which he said “The man of the house is the spiritual leader and is responsible of seeing his family loves the Lord and accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior.”

My reply was printed in the newspaper:

“I tried to find the scriptures that tell women that their husbands are their spiritual leaders, but there aren’t any. Look around in church on Sunday morning. You’ll see that the “spiritual leaders” are still home in bed, while the wife and the kids got up and went to church. Guess he will tell her about Jesus when she gets home.”

Monday we will begin the series “Reclaiming our equality.” This will give you step by step ways that you can speak up for women’s equality and usher in a new day for women in the church and in their homes.

We have been without a plan. We have voices coming from all over, but we have not formulated a plan. Until we begin a systematic effort, it will remain voices calling out in the dark, with no focus and no direction.

Meet me here Monday and let’s get to work!

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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7 Responses to Spiritual Leader is home in bed

  1. TL says:

    I’m a bit troubled that this man thinks he is responsible to “see that his family loves the Lord and accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior.” We are indeed responsible to teach our children, to witness and testify to them of the Lord’s goodness and to love them as God loves us. However we cannot compel our children to accept Jesus. Children are smart. If we try to force them they may capitulate on the outside, and then later when free from such control throw it off. When that happens such a parent has in effect testified to God being a tyrant as they are. And that child’s journey to Jesus may be longer.


    • It is a big part of the theology that is sweeping Baptists, and others, right now. I call it “marriage is the instrument of salvation” in my book “Dethroning Male Headship.” They also teach that husbands represent Christ in the marriage. So by this heretical logic, husbands can lead their children to salvation.


  2. TL says:

    yes, it is indeed a horrible picture they paint. Wives representing fallen humanity needing Christ as teacher, leader, healer, and savior. And then husbands are supposed to be all those things to the poor wife who never matures. This puts the husband in a bind to have to try to behave as perfect in knowledge, wisdom, etc.

    But in Scripture it is God the Father who draws us to His Son. The Son does not draw us to Himself. The Son is the Way to the Father.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. 🙂


  3. pnissila says:

    Shirley: love your response!

    TL: Thank you also for the reminder, “But in Scripture it is God the Father who draws us to His Son. The Son does not draw us to Himself. The Son is the Way to the Father” (John 6:44). This is BIG. Can you imagine all the women and children who would never come to the Lord–or grow in the Lord–if we had to always wait for husbands/fathers to “lead the spiritual way,” so to speak? (I am so glad God created logic.)

    And I’m also glad He created humor. On a side note, I’ve often wondered what patriarichalists do when they come across this conundrum: a brilliant article on some matter of faith written by, say, Dr. “Pat,” or “Shannon,” or “Lynn,” or “Jamie,” or “Morgan,” or “Tracy,” or any other name that could be either male or female. I can only imagine: “Ah, Dear Sir or Ma’am, whichever the case might be. I am considering referencing your insightful treatise in my upcoming sermon; however, I really need to know, well, ‘whichever the case might be’ in case you are a woman in which case I can’t use it because women are not allowed to preach or teach. Please respond ASAP because if you are a woman, I must immediately scrub my brain before… (well, before what? ‘Any more damage to my male superiority-ness is done?’)” l0l

    Cheers, blessings, and little more comic relief today.


  4. krwordgazer says:

    Great post! This whole “men are the spiritual leaders” thing puts way too much pressure on men and demeans women. Looking forward to your new series!


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