When women don’t care

This a re-post from April.  Last night at a relative’s dinner table, one of my Baptist relatives said that his pastor said that strife in a church was the worse thing, and that God did not like strife in a church.  He said that bringing up women’s equality would cause strife in the church.  He also said that women are not unhappy – maybe my little group is.  But most of the women in the church are just fine with it. Why don’t I just leave and find a church that believes like I do.  It brought to mind this post, and I am re-posting it.

Sometimes I wonder if women sitting in our pews at church really care if they are thought of as second class Christians by their pastor, by their church, and by the other men and women sitting beside them.

  • Why should our pastors speak out for equality for the women in their church if the women themselves don’t seem to care?
  • Why should our pastors speak out if women in their congregation earnestly believe that they are to let their husbands and other males have authority over them in church and in the home? 
  • Why should pastors and denominational leaders speak out for equality when most of their peers do not believe that women are equal because the Bible can be read to say they aren’t? 

You know why? 

Because it is a sin to decide that women are not equal.  It is a decision. In the face of the teachings of Christ, and all of the New Testament, it is a sin against God to teach that the female of His creation is of lesser quality than the male.  Churches teach that women are not of complete quality – spiritual or physical – and that is why they will not allow a woman to be a pastor or a deacon.

Churches are in sin when they put a male human being as superior to a female human being.  God did not do that.  Humans have done that.  Men and women have decided that this is God’s will.  They have blotted out the real story of God’s relationship with  people.

One Baptist associational secretary told me that the Bible doesn’t say that women are inferior, and that churches don’t teach that they are.  She didn’t think about her church By-laws that deny women are equal, or the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood that tells her she can’t be a pastor or a deacon and that she must submit graciously to her husband.

Churches do teach that women are inferior.  Every time you take your son and daughter inside a SBC church, you are telling your son that he is superior to your daughter.  You are telling your daughter that she is inferior to her brother. You are telling all girls that males have a relationship with God that she can never have.  If you don’t think that makes a woman inferior, then you need to rethink your definition of inferior.

SBC churches will not allow a woman to preach or be a deacon all because women are to be lead by a male.  We read the scriptures with one thought in mind and that is that God would never call a woman to pastoral ministry. When denominations deny women the privilege of preaching or serving as a deacon, it is because they believe that women cannot hold that position because they are female.  Not because of their beliefs, not because of their spiritual gifts, and not because of their qualifications. They do it because of the physical shape of women’s bodies, and the hormonal makeup of women’s emotions.

What about the so-called difficult scriptures?  You know what is difficult about those scriptures?  The real difficulty in those scriptures is this:  that we find it easier to believe that God made women inferior, than it is for us to believe that we have misinterpreted those scriptures.

The fact that women do not care enough to fight for full equality to serve God as He calls, does not make it right.  It is still a sin, whether we fight for it or not.

Will you join me and other men and women who want to put an end to this sin against God?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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11 Responses to When women don’t care

  1. TL says:

    Excellent. Many women do not want to enter into discord or are deeply afraid of dissension. They’re afraid they’ll lose what little respect they have. They’re afraid they cannot deal with it all. So those who are stronger really should stand in for them and fight for them because, as you say, it is the right thing to do.


  2. Mabel says:

    It is not enough to “respect”, to “deem highly valuable”, etc. etc. Do not hide inequality behind these catch phrases. I respect my cleaning lady, and I deem her highly valuable, but she is hired by me to fulfill a certain job. She is not my family member. Is it enough for one race to “respect” and “deem highly valuable” another race, but tell them they can never be leaders, that certain positions are forever close to them because of their race?


  3. Kristen says:

    The reason women appear not to care is that they’ve been taught this is God’s will, so they accept it. To disagree, or even to be discontented, is to go against God.
    Those who teach it also often sincerely believe it’s God’s will. They don’t allow themselves to go so far as to ask what this would mean about what kind of god God would have to be.


  4. pnissila says:

    I keep going back to Genesis 3:16 and the “lordship” curse. It’s not a mandate for men. I believe it’s a warning for women. There was no such indication of male domination before sin entered the picture. Both Adam and Eve walked with God in the cool of the evening. If the scene were rewritten by today’s patriarchalists, Eve would have had to wait behind while Adam got to talk with God, and then she would have had only Adam’s version later. As it was, both of them had the pleasure of His company. And of course think of all the times Jesus entrusted women with various aspects of the salvation message.

    I think a lot of women who just accept their role as inferior have perhaps never given it serious thought. They may have husbands who are truly Godly men and who truly love them. They are content perhaps because their husbands have the right attitude…they are to lay down their lives for their wives, not forbid them their own life, gifts and callings.

    It’s been my observation that men who demand that women be silent in church, and not teach boys of a certain age and men, and all that, are usually controlling jerks, though they might emit much charm in public. Even if they were not Christians they’d probably be looking for a woman they could dominate. In addition, has anyone else noticed how much emphasis is placed on sex in patriarchal cults? Creepy.


  5. pnissila says:

    “Sexualization of the Trinity”? Whoa. I was thinking more along the lines of the stories coming out of the Quiverfull movement from those who have left where, for example, in some groups, girls and women have to mark on the calendar when they start their periods (I wonder if the guys have to log when they, ah, well, never mind), where apparently a boy/man can’t control his thought life and if a girl/woman wears something too tight or short or revealing and he’s carried away with sexual angst that somehow SHE is to blame (she has somehow “defrauded” him, as they call it), and the like. Your research takes it a whole new level, I think.


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