From Easter to Easter

Where did Jesus go? Of course many people have wondered where Jesus was during the time his body lay in the tomb, but that is not what I am asking.

Where did Jesus go? He walked on the earth for many days after his resurrection. We do not know where he was when he was not with the disciples, but that is not what I am asking.

Where did Jesus go? A group of people saw him ascend into Heaven when he permanently left the earth in a physical body, but that is not what I am asking.

Where did Jesus go? On Easter Sunday in many congregations, people are met with, “He is risen!” Women turn to the men beside them and proclaim the risen Savior. Men turn to women and say the same thing. We are all in one accord, and, for a brief time, women open their mouths to tell men the good news. Waking up the morning after Easter, a hand is again clamped down upon women’s mouths. Of course nobody can stop women from telling anybody anything in their private lives, but the church can, and has, put a stop to what women can do, and what they can say, and how they can say it inside the church doors.

Where did Jesus go? I would like to ask pastors and congregations where Jesus goes when they block him from Easter to Easter. Because it was Jesus’ own words to the women at the tomb that women are now forbidden to tell. It is the actions of Jesus toward women that preachers will not acknowledge as being significant.

Where did Jesus go? Has he been bound between the pages of the Bible, as a story to be told—or is he Living in our Hearts Today as we sing so boldly each Easter?

If you wonder where Jesus went, join us as we speak out for women to be able to preach the message Jesus gave on Easter morning.

(from my new book “Women Equal-No Buts: Powered by the same Source.”)

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Love Returns

Today is Good Friday. The darkest day in Jesus’ life.  A day shrouded in black. We drape a black cloth to cover what is underneath, and we hold solemn Good Friday services.  But as Christians we know what is about to happen.  We know that the earth will not hold Jesus, and we have expectation of celebrating the resurrection on Easter morning. Our grief is play-acting, because we know the rest of the story.  However, the full story will not be told, until all people are set free. Christians should be leading the charge, but they, too, are still wrapped in black and will not allow the glory of Jesus to shine.

So, this Good Friday, we are going to peek under the black drapes.

Love returned on Easter morning.

Not as anyone expected. It did not happen that way. Early in the morning a group of women gathered their spices and went to anoint the body of Jesus, as was their custom. They thought he would still be lying in the tomb where he was placed before the Sabbath.

The men thought so, too. But there was a surprise in store for all of them.

Jesus was not there! He was gone! All that was left was the linen he had been wrapped in.

Mary saw him first but did not recognize him. Then he called her name, and she cried out, “Rabboni!” Teacher.

There is a song that describes Mary and Jesus’ reunion. If you are like me, you have sung this song many times. In popularity, it is next to “The Old Rugged Cross.” But if you are like me, you had no idea that this song was about Mary and Jesus on the morning of His resurrection.

Certainly it is not a song that you will hear on Easter morning. Easter morning seems to be a day of singing resurrection songs and shouting out praise. This song is a comforting, worshipful song but I doubt that it is ever sung on Easter morning. It begins this way:

“I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses, and the voice I hear, falling on my ear, the Son of God discloses.”

“In the Garden” was written in 1912 and is the story of when Love returned, and first made Himself known to a woman named Mary.

Love was lost for centuries in Christianity. We would like to think it has returned, but I do not think Christianity knows Love like it ought to.

Love is lost in what I found on the internet recently. It is the Bylaws of the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas and explains their doctrine. The Southern Baptist Convention of Texas broke off from Baptist General Convention of Texas in 1998 and took many churches with it. Those churches chose to be more fundamental in nature and are some of the largest Baptist churches in Texas. Look at it. I’ve underlined what they say about women. You will notice that they equate being a woman with sin because their very next sentence (that is always glued to women in ministry) is about homosexuality, which they consider to be a vile sin:

Section 1 Affiliation Qualifications. Any affiliate church must agree with the foundational beliefs of the SBTC set forth in its Constitution and Bylaws. …Any church which has taken action affirming, approving, or endorsing the practice of female senior pastoral service shall not be considered for affiliation or continued affiliation with this convention. Also, the SBTC will not consider for affiliation or continued affiliation any church that has taken action affirming, approving, or endorsing the practice of homosexuality. (Notice that homosexuality has again been placed side by side with being female. The Bible does not connect the two, but they do).

We pray for the return of Love. We pray that Love will return to women, as he did the first time. Will you join me in praying for Love to return as we live out our Christianity on this earth?

(Quoted from my new book “Women Equal-No Buts: Powered by the same Source.” Available on Kindle and Amazon.)

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Easter is when hate prevailed

Each year as we move toward Good Friday and Easter, let us remember that Jesus valued women. The last week of Jesus’ life we find him heading toward Calvary where He will lay down his life for men and for women. That sacrifice is equal toward all. Equal sacrifice for men and women means that we are equally responsible and equally privileged to serve our Savior.

Easter is when hate prevailed. From Thursday to Friday, evil had its way. But it did not start then, and it did not end then. It started earlier, when Jesus touched a raw nerve. He told them that only the meek and humble would be able to receive him. That shoe certainly did not fit. So in the middle of his sermon in the synagogue, some jumped up, and others followed, and they dragged Jesus out to throw him off a cliff.

“They got up, and drove him out of the town, and took him to the brow of the hill on which the town was built, in order to throw him down the cliff” (Luke 4:29).

Well, it did not work that time. That was just a practice run. They would get smarter and better organized, and it would work the next time.

But Jesus would not be quiet. He preached that they were too full of themselves and not full enough of the love of God, or love for their neighbor.

Hate prevailed at Easter. The killing of Jesus did not end their hate. Saul continued with the hate when he persecuted both men and women who became followers of the Risen Christ.

There is still a battle of hate. This time it is Christians who choose to hate others (cloaked in the words “hate the sin, love the sinner”).

Those Jewish leaders would not have described their emotions and actions as hatred. They would have said they hated the sin and not the sinner. But you see, Jesus was the sin to them. And to get rid of him, they killed “the sinner.”

Hate prevailed. But the story is not over yet. There is more to come.

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Hanging theology on the One Thing

Manhood. The One Thing. The only thing that counts when it comes to leadership, according to this Manhood generation.

It is not new as we will see. But I can guarantee you that 50 years ago, people would have whispered the words “manhood” much as they whispered pg for pregnancy, and tp for toilet paper.

“Greek men developed a rather curious custom. Upon meeting another man, they clasped each other’s right lower arms and touched their own testicles with their left hands. This was probably a symbol of honesty. In fact, the word testify is derived from testicle. In prebiblical times, men swore not on the Bible, but on their manhood (that is, their testicles). (from Modern Manners. Tools to take you to the top by Dorothea Johnson and Liv Tyler 2013, page 15)

It was 1947 before scientists began to understand male and female chromosomes. Before that time, all it took was one look.  That one look saw the One Thing that made men and women different, and they hung their whole theology on that One Thing.

The new Christians kept bringing up circumcision.  Paul got so tired of it he exclaimed, “I wish they would just go ahead and cut the whole thing off!”  (Galatians 5:12).

Well, frankly, Paul is more radical than I choose to be.  I have a husband and sons and would not want that to happen. But my frustration is as intense.  We are still looking at the One Thing and hanging our theology on it.

A lady wrote on our CBE Houston facebook page: “Repeatedly, I’ve dealt with counseling couples, whether together or as individuals, who believe the man is to be the sole source of provision. In some cases, it’s the extreme…the man must handle all the finances, including budgeting and the financial decisions of the family. I was asked, ‘what scriptures are there for support that a woman can provide and make financial decisions in the family.’

Well, there are not any scriptures saying that women can handle finances in their One Thing Rulebook. But those who subscribe to the One Thing rule pulls out their manhood and declare that their manhood gives them this leadership right.

The Bible gives us a rule that trumps their manhood rule.  Jesus Himself gives us this rule. “Love God with all your heart is the greatest commandment. The second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself. “ With this rule, no other One Thing is important.

Women, it is time you spoke up for your sons, as well as for your daughters. You know that within families, not all boys or men, lead with their manhood. Don’t let these religious bullies determine your sons’ futures.  Not all men were born with a financial leadership gene.  You do realize, don’t you, that mothers have often been a daughter’s worst enemy when she murders her little girl babies? Don’t be that kind of mother, that you would destroy either your sons or your daughters.

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Get on board! We’re lining up!

signatures petition

We voice a demand with the petition “Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: For the sake of all Christians of all genders, we demand that CBMW apologize publicly for their misuse of Holy Scripture, and for the inestimable harm suffered by women and families.” We and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? You can sign it anonymously and your name will not appear on the list. Here’s the link:

We voice a demand because all previous petitions have been ignored. We cry out for justice for all those who have suffered, directly and indirectly.

At a time in our church history that the main focus should be on winning lost souls and spreading the gospel to a hurting world, we fear for the future because the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has placed a greater priority on women’s submissive role rather than on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Additionally the Council on Biblical Manhood and Woman is endorsing the heresy that male headship will continue on into Heaven, and that males will eternally rule over their wives, and that wives and children will eternally be submissive to the husband and father in the family.

Click on the link to read what the CBMW endorses on their website and in their Spring 2006 Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.  Relationships and Roles in the New Creation. (Article by Mark David Walton, Senior Pastor, Glenwood Baptist Church, Oak Ridge, Tennessee).

It is with that thought in mind that we make this petition.

Note: The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood’s office is located on the campus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. Supporters include Southern Baptist Convention leaders like Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler and Russell Moore, head of the SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

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Can you hear me now? Equal-but?

Can you hear me now? Can you hear us now?

Have you signed the petition yet?

We’ve gotten the attention of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (president Paige Patterson who helped write the Danvers Stuff). Their women (Dorothy Patterson’s admin assistant) suddenly decided they need to defend their equal-buts by saying equal, yet distinct. Well, that is a bunch of crap. Equal means equal. Of course everybody is distinct, but whether or not we lift the toilet lid should not be the determining factor of how we can serve in church.

If you haven’t signed the petition, please do so. Meanwhile read this article just posted in the Associated Baptist Press called Seminary website lists aspects of biblical womanhood.”

For those of you who do not know, I began agitating Baptists in Jan 2009 and in Oct 2009 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary adopted the Danvers Statement as their statement of faith (after not feeling the need for 21 years, they suddenly needed to do it?).

Will you join me in speaking up? Your voice is critically important. Read Cindy Kunsman’s blog “Under Much Grace” in response to the article in the Associated Baptist Press and then sign.  Also click on her post about who has signed the petition. Pass it on.

If in doubt, read my two books Dethroning Male Headship and Women Equal-No Buts: Powered by the same Source. Both available on Amazon and Kindle.

Can they hear us now?



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A call for CBMW to repent and change

Why demand an apology from the CBMW? Someone asked me, “I guess I’m curious what we’d all do if CBMW did publicly apologize for what they’ve taught and encouraged, etc. Honestly, from what I’ve seen, there hasn’t been much grace for anyone who has attempted expressing remorse for such things, and a lot of questioning of the motives behind apologies such as Doug Philips’ and Mark Driscoll’s. I’m not saying I know exactly what kind of response is appropriate in the case of such apologies, but I’m a little confused about why the majority of us would reject them when given, and then demand them other places like we believe they’d fix much. Am I overlooking something or missing the point?”

Doug Philips and Mark Driscoll’s apologies don’t affect me and they don’t affect you. They were apologizing for their own personal bad immoral behavior, or bad decisions. Neither Philips nor Driscoll are teaching others to do the bad things they did.

Click here to sign the petition

I was at a Baptist Women in Ministry Conference in Houston, surrounded by a group of women who were called to preach, and to lead, when I was so touched by these women who are denied their calling by their church. It was at time that I realized that the leaders of this teaching against women owe all these women an apology. They need to be held accountable for their teaching that has caused much damage to the body of Christ, and particularly to these women, and all women.

Have you read the demand for an apology? It is not simply an apology demand. It states our concerns, and then it asks for repentance and a change in behavior.  It asks them to stop this teaching. The demand is not just a “say I am sorry” document. It calls for repentance and for change.

The bible calls for repentance and change. Your pastor calls for repentance and change. If you are a pastor, you call for repentance and change. First we must  say “I’m sorry” but then we repent and we change.

So that is what we are asking. What would we do with an apology without a declaration of repentance and change? We would be as skeptical as you say we would be.  But repentance and change?  Sister, we would be shouting it from the rooftops. First, they would take down their misogynistic website and remove the misogynistic Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood book.

Read what happened when Josiah found the Book of Law. 2Kings 22:

Shaphan continued, “The priest Hilkiah has given me a scroll.” Shaphan read some of it to the king.  The king heard the words of the Scroll of the Law. When he did, he tore his royal robes. He gave orders to the priest Hilkiah, Ahikam, Acbor, the secretary Shaphan and Asaiah. Ahikam was the son of Shaphan. Acbor was the son of Micaiah. And Asaiah was the king’s attendant.

Josiah commanded them, “Go. Ask the Lord for advice. Ask him about what is written in this scroll that has been found. Do it for me. Also do it for the people and the whole nation of Judah. The Lord’s anger is burning against us. That’s because our people before us didn’t obey the words of this scroll. They didn’t do everything that is written there about us.”

The priest Hilkiah went to speak to the prophet Huldah. So did Ahikam, Acbor, Shaphan and Asaiah. Huldah was the wife of Shallum. Shallum was the son of Tikvah. Tikvah was the son of Harhas. Shallum took care of the sacred robes. Huldah lived in the New Quarter of Jerusalem.  Shesaid to them, “The Lord is the God of Israel. He says, ‘Tell the man who sent you to me,  “The Lord says, ‘I am going to bring horrible trouble on this place and its people. Everything that is written in the scroll the king of Judah has read will take place.

“‘“‘That is because the people have deserted me. They have burned incense to other gods. They have made me very angry because of the statues of gods their hands have made. So my anger will burn against this place. The fire of my anger will not be put out.’”’

 “The king of Judah sent you to ask the Lord for advice. Tell him, ‘The Lord is the God of Israel. He has a message for you about the things you heard. He says, “Your heart was tender. You made yourself low in my sight. You heard what I spoke against this place and its people. I said they would be under a curse. I told them they would be destroyed. You tore your royal robes and sobbed. And I have heard you,” announces the Lord.

“‘“You will join the members of your family who have already died. Your body will be buried in peace. Your eyes will not see all of the trouble I am going to bring on this place.”’”

Huldah’s answer was taken back to the king.

King Josiah began destroying the idols, broke down the shrines, and pulled down the altars. That is what we are asking for:  A dismantling of the unchristian unholy Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Click here to sign the petition for the Demand for an Apology from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

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