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Who declared the modern day war on women?

Will you join me in reclaiming our equality in a modern-day world that has determined to keep women held to the rigid standards of some long ago century? Continue reading

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Help needed – Levites apply within

We need Levites who recognize a Gold Calf Idol Husband when he or she sees it. Complementarian restrictionists have made an idol of husbands and are falling down in worship at the feet of the ones who have put them in chains. Continue reading

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The voice and the scriptures

They tell you that scriptures say that a woman must be silent, a woman can’t be a deacon because she can’t have one wife, and she can’t have authority over a man. Pastor, what you are teaching is crazy! People who do not speak up perpetuate this trivilization of the scriptures. Continue reading

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M-alice in Wonderland

Classes will start soon at six Baptist Seminaries that are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. If it were only Baptists at those seminaries you might be safe. But it is not only Baptists. Continue reading

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Now I’m quoting John Piper!

I am now quoting John Piper! God did not have seashells planned for my retirement life. I want to present your daughters, your sisters, your women friends, and your wife, and tell our Lord that I did what I could to speak up for equalty for them.
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John Piper – the new Apostle Paul?

It was hard to concentrate on the sermon as I began to comprehend the depth of Dr. Piper’s reach. He is quoted from the pulpit and the blogs, and I am worried that his words are taking on the feel of the gospel to many. It is dangerous to follow one man and allow his thoughts and writings become intertwined with the gospel that is preached Continue reading

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They’ve stolen Jesus! Will you help us find Him?

Pastors and preachers have stolen Jesus and put a fake jesus in his place. A jesus who would not listen to a woman’s voice. A jesus who will demean women and call them the vilest name they can think of. Continue reading

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Editing to make it right

Hillary Clinton was edited out of the picture. Would certain church leaders do the same? Continue reading

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Husbands turn the Trinity into a quartet, Part 2

What is not said, but what is taught, is that upon marriage, a man who was just an imperfect human being before the marriage ceremony, now becomes a god to be obeyed, worshiped, and who is given his own little kingdom which will consist of his wife and his daughters and the sons until they marry.

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Women are the standard bearers of their faith

The women always end up being the standard bearers of their denomination. Baptists are just as guilty of that as the other denominations, and is shown by their refusal to remove all barriers to women serving equally. Continue reading

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