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Redefining God diminishes women

Ignoring and diminishing women and their contribution to humanity, limits the kingdom of God. Continue reading

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Tim Keller, Sex, and Eternal Submission Doctrine: Summing up the Sexualization of the Trinity with Shirley Taylor

Final discussion on Timothy Keller and sex in marriage Continue reading

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Seal the deal

Women are not equal because little Jewish girls could not “seal the deal,” and that attitude set the culture in which the Bible was written, and today many little Christian girls are born second class in the 21st century.

Continue reading

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Authority – not a servant attitude – Part 2 of 2

You denigrate a woman when you say that the Pastor has authority over the congregation. You want us to believe it is in this order: God, Pastor, husband, wife. In the parable of the workers, Jesus did not say that obedience to the caretaker of the vineyard would get him a greater reward. Continue reading

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Authority – not a servant attitude – Part 1 of 2

When searching for a pastor be sure you know what he believes about the authority he will have over your soul, earthly and eternally. Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God want women to preach?

Does God mislead women when he allows a heartfelt desire to preach come into their heart? Continue reading

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