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I don’t want to preach

I just want to be able to step into my church and not feel that my church holds it against me that I am a woman. Continue reading

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No time to quit

We cannot stop speaking and telling others that Christian women can be elders, deacons, and pastors of churches, serving as God calls them.
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Deacons Part 3 -Why not female deacons?

Deacons were chosen to fill a need of COMPASSION. Then when you choose a deacon, you should give them that same COMPASSION and not burden down a family who already had many wives and children to care for.
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Deacons Part 2 – The husband of one wife boondoggle

We have used 1 Timothy 3 to keep women from serving as deacons and pastors far too long and refuse to look at the real meaning of the scripture. Continue reading

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Deacons Part 1 – Does it take a man

In this list of deacon responsibilities, can you find anything on this list that can be done ONLY by a MAN? When a church denies any woman the office of deacon simply because she was born female, they have denied all women. Continue reading

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Stacking the deck against women

Even the Pastoral Search Committees are stacked against women. Women make up 60% of the church, but their voice counts as only two out of seven when it comes to choosing a new pastor. Continue reading

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The cold heart of the church – the By-laws

The cold heart of the church is its By-laws. Continue reading

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