What do we really learn in church?

The tweet said far more about the man who tweeted it than it did about the victim. When a staffer, as claimed by the Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, sent out a nasty tweet about the first woman candidate for president, it said for more about Miller and his campaign than it did about Hillary Clinton. The tweet was pulled 10 minutes after it went out but the lasting result will be longer.

This attitude about women is pervasive. We see it in the male candidate for president and it should come as no surprise that lower down the chain, it comes out. We judge people on how they act, on what they do, and what they say. What else is there to judge them on?

Sid Miller is a member of a cowboy church, probably in Stephenville where he lives. Ron Nolen, former Baptist General Convention of Texas Consultant, had a big influence in starting Cowboy churches in Texas. Even though they claim no religious affiliation publicly, many are staffed and headed by Baptists.

“But as claimed below, cowboy churches also exist in the denominational context of baptist churches. The “no barriers” cowboy church model pioneered by Ron Nolen of the Baptist General Convention of Texas has been used by the AFCC (American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches) to plant more than two hundred denominational motivated cowboy churches in sixteen states.” (Wikipedia

Ron was a consultant during the time I worked for BGCT. Ron would never have said the things that Sid Miller (or his staffer) said about women. Which brings me to the question. What do we really learn in church?

Miller said his staffer tweeted that awful word about Mrs. Clinton, but something gave that staffer the idea that it would be all right to say such a thing using Sid Miller’s Twitter account.

This blog is not about who is best for president of the United States. I write advocating for full equality for women in the church and home. Therefore, I hold responsible those churches that deny women full equality. Attitudes that are taught in churches, bleeds out into society – and political tweets – and women suffer because of them.

This letter will be sent to Sid Miller. He has apologized, of course, but more is expected. A sincere change of heart in his staff is the right step. Needless to say, the staffer who took the fall, did not apologize. Perhaps because there was no such person.

It is 2016. What message about women are you sending from your church?


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The gender divide

It took almost a hundred years after women got the right to vote to bring about what men were afraid of. Women may decide the election outcome in 2016.

Southern Baptists did not support women suffrage and still hold to the reasons behind that lack of support. Those reasons are preached in Baptist and evangelical pulpits on Sundays.

“In spite of resistance from most men—and more than a few women—in the churches and from the pulpits, Protestant clergymen were the male group most likely by far to support women’s suffrage, except among Southern Baptists. 

The paragraph below sums it up quite nicely. It could have been written by a Baptist or other evangelical pastor today instead of a hundred years ago.

A Georgian Senator by the name of Joseph E. Brown showed how the views of the Southern Baptist church stretched into the political arena. In his argument against women’s suffrage he claimed that God had made the sexes different and that women had their husbands to speak for them: therefore, he concluded, women did not need political rights. Brown, like many opponents of women’s suffrage, believed that the man represented the woman. In a speech he made to the Senate, Brown stated:

The male sex is infinitely suited better than the female. In the family she is queen. She alone is fitted for the discharge of the sacred trust of wife and the endearing relation of mother. While the man is contending with the sterner duties of life, the whole time of the noble, affectionate and true woman is required in the discharge of the delicate and difficult duties assigned her in the family circle, in her church relations and in the society where her lot is cast.” (page 20)

What is striking about this election is that Christians are far more likely in the south to vote for Donald Trump than they are to vote for a woman. Never mind that he does nothing to espouse Christian values. Is part of this the fact that in the South, many still do not believe a woman should hold the highest place in government?

The polls show that among women voters, Clinton is in the lead by over 10 percent. It is highly doubtful that these women are from the south and more than likely they are not members of a Southern Baptist church.

It is 2016. Almost 100 years since women were allowed by their country to vote in a national election, do you still hold to these Baptist beliefs about women?

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Street Evangelist at a Craft Fair

People don’t attend a Collectibles and Craft Fair to purchase Christian books on women’s equality, do they? Probably not, but then they have never met the Street Evangelist for women’s equality!

I have sold books at all 3 of the Craft Fairs I have attended. So tomorrow I will be at a Craft Fair, talking with both men and women, and offering my books for sale!

raising-the-hood-9-2016 DMH Second Edition Women Equal no buts

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Evangelicals’ Perfect Storm

Surrounded by pastor Robert Jeffers of First Baptist Church in Dallas, black pastors, rabbis, and televangelists, Donald Trump held a Bible while they put their hands upon him and prayed for “the next president” of the United States. See it here.

One week later, Donald Trump has brought evangelicals to a place they never thought they would be. The warning signs were all there. The crude remarks about women, the mocking of those less fortunate, had all been dismissed because Trump was going to make America Christian again.  But now there is a video showing what kind of man Donald Trump is, particularly what he thinks about women.

Robert Jeffers, Wayne Grudem, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., Mike Huckabee, James Dobson, and other Christian leaders who have supported Trump have a lot of explaining to do.

What Trump and these religious leaders forgot is that women make up over half of the voters in this election. While they were fawning over Trump, they were ignoring the very women their religion has sworn to protect. In this male headship era of evangelicals, protecting women and praising their “worth” has become a big industry, changing the face of Christian America into an evangelical community of defenseless women who need protection – from what, we are not told. Perhaps what we need protection from are male predators, and pastors who will not stand up for women.

Russell Moore, who does not defend Donald Trump, and is president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention wrote an article titled “The Church and Violence Against Women.”  In it he said, “We must teach from our pulpits, our Sunday school classes, and our Vacation Bible Schools that women are to be cherished, honored, and protected by men. This means we teach men to reject American playboy consumerism in light of a Judgment Seat at which they will give account for their care for their families.”

There are a lot of theological things wrong with his whole statement as I point out in my new book “Raising the Hood: A Christian Look at Manhood and Womanhood.” But let’s look at what he did say. He said that men are not to succumb to the playboy consumerism (locker room sexual talk). So how will those who encircled Trump with their hands upon him,  defend Trump’s crude remarks about women?

These preachers and rabbis are not standing up against what he says about women, and they are not fulfilling their evangelical role in “protecting women.” We don’t need to wait to see what the fallout from this latest video is because we already know. They knew he said awful things about women, and they did not stand up against him.

In evangelicals’ support of Donald Trump, they are in the midst of a perfect storm. Their candidate whom they have sided with, flaunts what it is to be a Christian. He even flaunts their vaunted view of women who are to be “cherished, honored, and protected” by men.

It is 2016. We are headed toward an election between two seriously flawed candidates. What will you tell your daughters?

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Face of Baptizing Feminism


Baptizing Feminism

Meet Shirley in this week’s Christian feminist photo campaign. Shirley is a blogger, author, and advocate for Christian women’s equality in the church and home. As a self-proclaimed street evangelist, Shirley reaches those who go to church and those who don’t with the message that women are equal – no buts. She says, “When patriarchy is taught in churches, it bleeds out into homes causing children and wives to suffer.”

Her newest book “Raising the Hood: A Christian Look at Manhood and Womanhood” has just been published and is available on Amazon in print and on Kindle. Here’s how she describes the book: “Biblical manhood and womanhood are code words meaning that men are to rule the church, their house, their wife, and their family. We are not First Century people and we cannot be held to those restrictions of male hierarchy. So here we are today with seminars, blogs, books, movies, sermons, discussions, Bible studies, etc., extolling God’s so-called grand design of manhood and womanhood. Outside the church, Monday through Saturday, women are equal. How long do you think it will be before women decide that they are also equal on Sunday and in their own homes?”

Shirley sent a letter to the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood asking for an apology about their spreading theologies that art damaging to women and girls. Here’s the letter: http://womansubmit.blogspot.com/…/freedom-for-christian-wom…
See more here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FreeCWC

Twitter – @bwebaptist
See her other books at amazon.com/author/taylorshirley

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Raising the Hood: A Christian look at Manhood and Womanhood

My new book, Raising the Hood: A Christian look at Manhood and Womanhood, is now available on Amazon in print and on kindle.


Biblical manhood and womanhood are code words meaning that men are to rule the church, their house, their wife, and their family. We are not First Century people and we cannot be held to those restrictions of male hierarchy.

So here we are today with seminars, blogs, books, movies, sermons, discussions, Bible studies, etc., extolling God’s so-called grand design of manhood and womanhood.

Outside the church, Monday through Saturday, women are equal. How long do you think it will be before women decide that they are also equal on Sunday and in their own homes?

My name is Shirley Taylor and I call myself the street evangelist for women’s equality. I am a Christian blogger for women’s equality. From the blog to the book, “Raising the Hood” is a compilation of my blogs, and picks up after “Women Equal – No Buts.”

All my books can be found here.

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New book due out October 5

The past few weeks I have been working very hard on my new book “Raising the Hood: A Christian look at manhood and womanhood.”

This book is also a compilation, edited and updated, of my blogs from 2013 to 2016. It picks up where “Women Equal – No Buts: Powered by the same Source” leaves off.

Thank you all for your support.

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Part 2. Who are you holding the cloak for?

The church is the last holdout for female equality. The first place where a woman should have been equal is proving to be the last place where she will find equality.

We live in a country where women have won legal rights, but in this country the majority of Christian women have surrendered their Christian rights.

We should never forget those women who bucked the system and who demanded their rights. It was not just for equality for themselves that inspired them to fight. These brave women were looking into the future to a time when all women would be equal. They would be heart-broken to know that 21st century Christian women willingly give up their spiritual rights.

It was 1920 before women were given the right to vote in national elections. But the battle was only half over. Women still were not full citizens of the United States with the same privileges and responsibilities that men took for granted. After 1920, women could vote, but they could not serve on juries. It was not until 1975 that all states allowed women the privilege of serving on juries. Or to be more exact, it was not until 1975 that all women in the United States could be judged in a court of law by a jury of their peers instead of by men only.

Girls today are legally able to make choices, and they have a reasonable expectation that the government will not prevent them from doing so. As children, many of us believed that our country was founded on equality for all. We recited the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” We did not know that those words were not written for women, and would not apply to women until 1964 with the signing of the Civil Rights Act.

It was September 17, 1787, eleven years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, that the Constitution of the United States was signed. We get goose bumps with the words of the Preamble, which begins “We the People.” It makes us feel as if we are family with the whole United States, and all those who came before us. It is a powerful statement. Today that sentence includes you and me, and all citizens of the United States, but like the Declaration of Independence, that was not the original intent.

“We the People” meant white males and it was understood that while they brought with them wives, children and servants, those wives, children and servants were not part of “We the People.” Only white males could vote; only white males could make laws; only white males could enforce those laws; only white males could serve on a jury; and only white males could run for offices in the governing body.

Legal equality for all people in the United States did not come easily as Americans fought against each other in the Civil War, and in the courts, for the rights that should have come with “We the People.”

It wasn’t until February 3, 1870, that black males got the right to vote with the signing of the 15th Amendment to the Constitution. Women were seeking their right to vote, but it was felt that the most important fight at that time was for black men to get that right first. Women were pushed aside. It would be another 50 years, August 26, 1920, before white and black women were given the legal right to vote in the United States. So it was 133 years after the statement “We the People” before women were included in that statement.

Why do you think that our country denied women the right to vote until 1920? Was it because they did not know better, or were they responding to a white male culture? It is impossible to believe that they did not know better. Women had been advocating for equal rights since right after the Revolutionary War, and were very active up through the Civil War. Voting was just one of the equal rights denied women.

To repeat, it is inconceivable that the United States did not know better. This is a country that thought outside the box. This new country would not be led by kings who had power over them, but by a man who would be the President elected by an electoral college. That was extraordinary thinking, not envisioned by any other country.

The book, Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation, by Cokie Roberts (Harper Perennial, 2005) will dispel any idea that women were not speaking and engaging in the founding of our country during the Revolutionary War and the aftermath of that war.

Today, we turn to our Bibles and see that in the beginning God declared that women were equal. Women’s Declaration of Independence is right there in Genesis with these words, “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” What happened between the pages of the Bible that took away women’s equality? The answer is that nothing happened between those pages to change women’s status. But much happened in man’s heart, and women have had to contend with inequality ever since.

As it was with the early government in these United States, it is with churches today. It is inconceivable that they do not know better.

‘And when the blood of your witness Stephen was shed, I myself was standing nearby, approving, and guarding the cloaks of those who were killing him.’ (Acts 22:20)

It is 2016. Are you holding the cloak for the church which should have been the first to recognize women as equals, but that is, instead, the last holdout?

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Part 1. Who are you holding the cloak for?

The 33 Men series on Authentic Manhood is male headship and any church that allows women pastors should never teach this course in their church because it diminishes those female pastors and every woman in the membership. Of course that is not what the Authentic Manhood dreamers admit to. They say it is a ‘movement that leads men to live the life of truth, passion, and purpose that they were created to live.’ Please remember that anything that is sold by LifeWay Resources will promote male headship.

The 33 Men series quotes Ephesians 5:22-33 to back up their Authentic Manhood claim in marriage.

  1. God’s vision and design for a biblical marriage in Ephesians 5:22-33 (ESV): “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. … Husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. … Let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” 1. Victor P. Hamilton, The Book of Genesis, Chapters 1–17, New International Commentary on the Old Testament (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990), 181.

Considering the answer Jesus gave to John and James when they asked for the privilege to sit at his right hand side when he came into his kingdom (Mark 10:38), it is highly doubtful that husbands can stand-in for Christ here on earth. But standing in for Christ is exactly what they would be doing if husbands were given the privilege by God to be heads over women. Christ does not share his headship with human males.

The scariest scriptures, Ephesians 5:22-24

Ephesians 5:22-24 is often quoted by those who teach that women must submit to their husbands.

“Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.”

Those who quote Ephesians 5:22-24 do not adhere to it. The Danvers Statement Concern #8 is “The increasing prevalence and acceptance of hermeneutical oddities devised to reinterpret apparently plain meanings of Biblical Texts,” but even their writers back away from the plain meaning of this text.

The plain meaning of Ephesians 5:22-24 is:

  • Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. The plain meaning would put husbands on equal footing with God.
  • The husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. The plain meaning gives husbands salvation rights, judgment rights, forgiveness ability, healing ability, miracles, obedience authority, to accept worship, to answer prayers, and the right to receive tithes.
  • The husband is the savior of the wife just like Christ is the Savior of the church. The plain meaning makes husbands saviors of their wives. Why would the great I AM, share His salvation right with an earthly man?
  • The church submits to Christ. The plain meaning makes husbands worthy of having wives submit to them.
  • Wives should submit to their husbands in everything. The plain meaning makes man divine and infallible.

Does any Christian believe that men can save their wives, and that wives should submit to their husbands in absolutely everything? Ask your pastor about this and he will begin to qualify this statement. It is qualified when they say that women should not follow their husbands into sin. It is qualified when they say a wife should not endure physical abuse. It is qualified when they make old age or infirmity of a husband an exception to allow wives to make decisions for their aged or infirm husbands.

Anyone who reads Ephesians 5:23 and insists that this scripture means that the husband literally has spiritual or physical charge over his wife, has made a golden idol and named it husband. To read this scripture that way gives man divinity and nullifies the whole Bible that proclaims only “One” God.

The plain meaning of this scripture is scary, yet it is quoted so casually that we have accepted the part we want to hear “that wives should submit to their husbands,” and have ignored the significance of the remaining part of that sentence.

(Read the complete chapter in my book Dethroning Male Headship: Second Edition available on Amazon in print and Kindle)

‘And when the blood of your witness Stephen was shed, I myself was standing nearby, approving, and guarding the cloaks of those who were killing him.’ (Acts 22:20)

It is 2016. Are you holding the cloak for those who teach Authentic Manhood?

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Hold accountable

Many preachers would love to be compared to the Apostle Paul, but few want to be compared to him when he was Saul.

I can’t get Denny Burk’s “My vision for the future of CBMW” out of my mind. If you haven’t read it, you need to do so. He reminds me of Saul who persecuted the first followers of Jesus known as people of The Way.

Just as Denny Burk feels a clear vision about the importance of the Danvers Statement, a clear vision began forming in Saul’s mind as he held the cloaks of those who stoned Stephen.  It took Saul to a very dark place where he was willing to go to any extent to carry out that vision.  After the Damascus Road, he suffered the same treatment from the Jews that he sought for people of The Way.

The church in every generation needs to be taught what scripture says about the complementary differences between male and female and how those differences impact family and church leadership. (Denny Burk)

Saul went to the high priest asking him for letters that he could take with him to the synagogues so he could round up anybody they knew who were of The Way.  Then Saul went from house to house, dragging out both men and women and throwing them into prison. Saul stole the letters from those prisoners when they wrote back for help from their families. Now he had names of others whom he could rout out and throw in prison. All because these people were following Jesus who said, “Love your neighbor. Treat others like you want them to treat you.”

Burk wants to renew this war against women with “resources, conferences, etc. in order to equip churches and organizations to face these current challenges.” They already have those resources plus they have locked egalitarian books from being sold in Christian bookstores. What more do they want?

This is what Denny Burk wants. He wants to spread the net further and encompass all gender and sexual identities. He doesn’t seem to understand that even if a Christian has strongly held objections against homosexuals and transgendered people, it is not right to embark on a crusade against your fellow man. Christians should never be complicit in exacting damage to those we disagree with or see as less than ourselves.

Saul’s destruction began with holding the cloak of those who stoned Stephen. Denny Burk is holding the cloak of those who began the destructive Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and who wrote the Danvers Statement in 1987.

I want to thank the CBMW board of directors for their support and for the opportunity to serve an organization that I care so deeply about. I also want to thank my friend and outgoing president Owen Strachan for the faithful labor that he put into this work over the last four years. Owen has built a platform and organization that did not even exist at this time four years ago, and we are the beneficiaries. Truly we reap in fields others have planted, and we give thanks. (Denny Burk)

Saul – now Paul – became a changed man.  Now that he was a follower of Christ, he became the one beaten, jailed, and imprisoned for almost 6 years. Paul was held accountable for his sincerely held belief that he was right and the men and women of The Way were wrong. He staked his reputation and his life on it. In the end, he suffered beatings and imprisonment and death, just as he did to those first Christians.

We look to Paul today for some of the most encouraging, uplifting scriptures to be found in the Bible. He is our hero. But it didn’t start out that way because Saul was wrong in what he thought God wanted.

My prayer is that Denny Burk will see that this rage he has against women and women’s equality, and now homosexuality, is not about what Jesus wants, but is about what Denny wants.

It is 2016. Whose cloak are you holding?

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