Commit to 5

J. Daniel Kirk was one of our speakers at the CBE Houston Conference. Read his blog to find out what impression this weekend had on him, and be challenged by his words.

What now?  The conference is over and will it be in the history books, or will it just be another program thrown on the floor and taken out with the trash?

That depends upon you, and people like you are begging for a change.  That depends upon what you are willing to do, even though you were not at the conference. That depends upon who you tell.  What the lasting effect of the CBE Houston Conference on April 27-28, 2012 has upon people depends upon you.

We introduced a simple plan to get everyone involved.  Because we were sponsored by the Christians for Biblical Equality, we have given their website for a place to find more information.  You may know of your own, and that is great.  Christians for Biblical Equality is the only group that I know of that has comprehensive teaching tools.

Commit to 5 can be started at any time.  Commit to doing one or more of the following things for 5 months.  Spread the word. There is something we can all do to promote women’s equality.

Commit to 5

  1. Pray daily about what I have learned about gender equality.
  2. Visit the CBE website to read one article and one recommended book on gender.  (They are our sponsor, and they have the most comprehensive literature on the subject).
  3. Attend or host a small group Bible study or book discussion group for further exploration of gender equality.
  4. Make one change in the way I speak about and participate in congregational worship regarding gender quality.
  5. Share my journey with at last one other person who I think will be blessed with the knowledge of gender equality.

Join us!  Commit to 5. Sign up others to Commit to 5 with you.  If you are sincere about wanting to do something, join us.  If you want to get out of this deep ditch, join us.  If you want to be able to walk into your church and not feel that your church holds it against you that you were born a woman, join us!

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