Advent – Anticipation

Advent. How can we anticipate the coming of the Christ and still refuse to recognize the equality Jesus showed to women? Actually, more than equality, for he brought them up from the depths and gave them the good news first.

In keeping with Jesus’ teaching, it is appropriate that at this beginning of Advent, CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality) has released their new marriage book titled “Mutual by Design: A Better Model of Christian Marriage.”

“Marriage certificates don’t come with how-to-manuals, and marriage is full of tough questions like “How do we manage our money?” “How do we build a healthy sex life?” or “How do we handle serious arguments?” While an actual how-to-manual may not exist, we’re here to help.

CBE is proud to announce the release of our new marriage book, Mutual by Design!

Mutual by Design lays a theological foundation for egalitarian marriage; provides practical help on issues like communication, sex, and money; and doesn’t shy away from thorny topics like abuse, divorce, and “male headship.”

With exercises and discussion questions, Mutual by Design is great for individuals, couples, or small groups.”

This is a book that we have anticipated for several years. It was with much concern that egalitarian Christians looked at the materials available and could not find any good materials for Marriage Seminars, Bible Studies, Christian counseling, or sermons that promoted healthy mutual submission in marriages.

So we set about to write our own. CBE Houston Chapter, which I am a founding member, donated money, as did many others, to make this possible.  We are proud of the work and recommend that you, individually, or within your church if that is possible, use this new marriage book “Mutual by Design.”

2017 is coming to an end. Something substantial happened in 2017 to make everybody more aware that women are not playtoys and that they should be treated equally. The church hasn’t realized that yet, but we look forward to 2018, and are eager to help Christian leaders get on board with equality for women.



About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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