Honeyed words and crazy theology

Last week, Dr. Kevin Giles (noted Australian Anglican priest) said to me “You’re hard on the Baptists, aren’t you?” That was after he had told me that my book had good points in it, and offered to give me feedback on it.

I gave that some thought and this is what I realized.  Nothing I have ever said is as harsh as “only men can be senior pastors” and “women must submit graciously to their husbands.” Those words, honeyed though they are, have damaged women and the church more than any words I can say.

Kevin Giles was in Houston before speaking on the stage with Bruce Ware and Wayne Grudem at The Evangelical Theological Society conference in San Antonio where they would be discussing the Trinity.  This is the second time we had him speak to our Houston chapter of Christians for Biblical Equality. Kevin Giles has written many papers and books on the Trinity and he does not believe in the eternal submission of the Son.

From the report I heard of the ETS conference from a laywoman, Bruce Ware says he now believes in something called eternal generation of the Son. Ware is well-known for his stance on Eternal Submission of the Son which is what I thought he would be saying at that conference.  This person also said that Wayne Grudem said he had changed his mind on certain things. We can hope.

Oh, did you know that in those views, God is the Father, Jesus is the mother (holy Moses!), and the Holy Spirit is the child which emulates the earth-family structure? Ware and Grudem wouldn’t like it, but lets carry that Jesus is the Mother theory a little further. Most people I know pray in “Jesus’ name,” most people I know give praise and glory to Jesus, most people I know speak far more about Jesus than they do God or the Holy Spirit and that might be called worshipful of Jesus. Heh, heh, they are worshiping Jesus? THE MOTHER! Ware, Grudem, come down to earth! Your theology is crazy!

And of course you know that in this family structure, earth wives are supposed to submit to earth-husbands because Jesus is the Mother and submits to the Father God. Good Grief, these are the people who are teaching your pastor, your son or daughter who goes to seminary, and your youth pastors. Time to call them to account.

It is 2016. Why aren’t you hard on all those who want to keep women subjugated to men?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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6 Responses to Honeyed words and crazy theology

  1. Nancy2 says:

    I can hear it now: “I hereby baptize you in the name of the Holy Father, the Holy Mother, and the Holy child”!!!! How much more ridiculous can they get in their attempts to eternally subjugate women?
    I was raised in SBC churches. I have been a member of 3 churches beginning in 1978. Over the years, I seen women become more and more insignificant in the churches and to the Great Commission. Women have become non-essential accessories. Churches are controlled by and for men.


  2. pnissila says:

    Jesus is the mother?


    I wonder what their opinion of Mary Worship in the RC church is?

    On second thought, I don’t think I want to go down that rabbit hole of theirs, either. It all just gets curiouser and curiouser with those dudes.

    I’ll stick with the Bible.



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