What do we really learn in church?

The tweet said far more about the man who tweeted it than it did about the victim. When a staffer, as claimed by the Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, sent out a nasty tweet about the first woman candidate for president, it said for more about Miller and his campaign than it did about Hillary Clinton. The tweet was pulled 10 minutes after it went out but the lasting result will be longer.

This attitude about women is pervasive. We see it in the male candidate for president and it should come as no surprise that lower down the chain, it comes out. We judge people on how they act, on what they do, and what they say. What else is there to judge them on?

Sid Miller is a member of a cowboy church, probably in Stephenville where he lives. Ron Nolen, former Baptist General Convention of Texas Consultant, had a big influence in starting Cowboy churches in Texas. Even though they claim no religious affiliation publicly, many are staffed and headed by Baptists.

“But as claimed below, cowboy churches also exist in the denominational context of baptist churches. The “no barriers” cowboy church model pioneered by Ron Nolen of the Baptist General Convention of Texas has been used by the AFCC (American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches) to plant more than two hundred denominational motivated cowboy churches in sixteen states.” (Wikipedia

Ron was a consultant during the time I worked for BGCT. Ron would never have said the things that Sid Miller (or his staffer) said about women. Which brings me to the question. What do we really learn in church?

Miller said his staffer tweeted that awful word about Mrs. Clinton, but something gave that staffer the idea that it would be all right to say such a thing using Sid Miller’s Twitter account.

This blog is not about who is best for president of the United States. I write advocating for full equality for women in the church and home. Therefore, I hold responsible those churches that deny women full equality. Attitudes that are taught in churches, bleeds out into society – and political tweets – and women suffer because of them.

This letter will be sent to Sid Miller. He has apologized, of course, but more is expected. A sincere change of heart in his staff is the right step. Needless to say, the staffer who took the fall, did not apologize. Perhaps because there was no such person.

It is 2016. What message about women are you sending from your church?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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1 Response to What do we really learn in church?

  1. Tom says:


    These men that can treat women so wickedly show they do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, These men have ruined our churches.


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