The gender divide

It took almost a hundred years after women got the right to vote to bring about what men were afraid of. Women may decide the election outcome in 2016.

Southern Baptists did not support women suffrage and still hold to the reasons behind that lack of support. Those reasons are preached in Baptist and evangelical pulpits on Sundays.

“In spite of resistance from most men—and more than a few women—in the churches and from the pulpits, Protestant clergymen were the male group most likely by far to support women’s suffrage, except among Southern Baptists. 

The paragraph below sums it up quite nicely. It could have been written by a Baptist or other evangelical pastor today instead of a hundred years ago.

A Georgian Senator by the name of Joseph E. Brown showed how the views of the Southern Baptist church stretched into the political arena. In his argument against women’s suffrage he claimed that God had made the sexes different and that women had their husbands to speak for them: therefore, he concluded, women did not need political rights. Brown, like many opponents of women’s suffrage, believed that the man represented the woman. In a speech he made to the Senate, Brown stated:

The male sex is infinitely suited better than the female. In the family she is queen. She alone is fitted for the discharge of the sacred trust of wife and the endearing relation of mother. While the man is contending with the sterner duties of life, the whole time of the noble, affectionate and true woman is required in the discharge of the delicate and difficult duties assigned her in the family circle, in her church relations and in the society where her lot is cast.” (page 20)

What is striking about this election is that Christians are far more likely in the south to vote for Donald Trump than they are to vote for a woman. Never mind that he does nothing to espouse Christian values. Is part of this the fact that in the South, many still do not believe a woman should hold the highest place in government?

The polls show that among women voters, Clinton is in the lead by over 10 percent. It is highly doubtful that these women are from the south and more than likely they are not members of a Southern Baptist church.

It is 2016. Almost 100 years since women were allowed by their country to vote in a national election, do you still hold to these Baptist beliefs about women?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to The gender divide

  1. Alexa says:

    I am southern baptist, AND egalitarian. A rarity, I know. I am not “on the trump train”, and I would love to see a godly, moral honest woman elected as President. Sadly, neither main party offers that choice. Neither party offers a decent choice art all. So we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. Or protest by voting third party. If I vote based on gender, wouldnt that make ME the bigoted one? I think both main candidates are egotistical, selfish, narcissistic, and sneaky. I believe our number one need right now as a country, is to get our finances in order. Trump is more likely to do that… Hillary does not have a good trck record of fiscal reform. Most southern Baptists are in the south (surprise!) and the south has still not recovered from the latest economic downturn. The oil industry is in shambles, and obamas policies have only made it worse. Both he and Hillary have pledged to kill the coal industry, too. As much as i would love to see a woman president, i won’t vote for Hillary. Now, as to the gender bias in the SBC, yes it is there and its awful! They could have had Michele Bachman, who I think could have beat Hillary easily. Trump is a loss whether he gets elected or not. So if the conservatives lose, it will serve them right. And maybe next time they will choose character over a reality star. But for most of Southern Baptists, the financial state of the US is more of a driving factor than the gender issue, so its not really accurate to say its MAINLY because of their bias against women. Every one of them would have voted Mrs. Bachmann over Mr. Bernie in a heartbeat, if those were the final two. And has anyone forgotten Palin, the first woman VP on a major party presidential ballot in my lifetime?? If the left media hadnt chewed her up relentlessly, she could have been on the ballot. But nobody talks about how unfairly they mocked and harrassed her. I’m really saddened that I dont have a great choice on the ballot… But I’m not going to vote for Hillary based on her gender. Its down to Gary Johnson or Donald, for me. Maybe next time the southern baptists will step up and push for a better nominee.


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