Evangelicals’ Perfect Storm

Surrounded by pastor Robert Jeffers of First Baptist Church in Dallas, black pastors, rabbis, and televangelists, Donald Trump held a Bible while they put their hands upon him and prayed for “the next president” of the United States. See it here.

One week later, Donald Trump has brought evangelicals to a place they never thought they would be. The warning signs were all there. The crude remarks about women, the mocking of those less fortunate, had all been dismissed because Trump was going to make America Christian again.  But now there is a video showing what kind of man Donald Trump is, particularly what he thinks about women.

Robert Jeffers, Wayne Grudem, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., Mike Huckabee, James Dobson, and other Christian leaders who have supported Trump have a lot of explaining to do.

What Trump and these religious leaders forgot is that women make up over half of the voters in this election. While they were fawning over Trump, they were ignoring the very women their religion has sworn to protect. In this male headship era of evangelicals, protecting women and praising their “worth” has become a big industry, changing the face of Christian America into an evangelical community of defenseless women who need protection – from what, we are not told. Perhaps what we need protection from are male predators, and pastors who will not stand up for women.

Russell Moore, who does not defend Donald Trump, and is president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention wrote an article titled “The Church and Violence Against Women.”  In it he said, “We must teach from our pulpits, our Sunday school classes, and our Vacation Bible Schools that women are to be cherished, honored, and protected by men. This means we teach men to reject American playboy consumerism in light of a Judgment Seat at which they will give account for their care for their families.”

There are a lot of theological things wrong with his whole statement as I point out in my new book “Raising the Hood: A Christian Look at Manhood and Womanhood.” But let’s look at what he did say. He said that men are not to succumb to the playboy consumerism (locker room sexual talk). So how will those who encircled Trump with their hands upon him,  defend Trump’s crude remarks about women?

These preachers and rabbis are not standing up against what he says about women, and they are not fulfilling their evangelical role in “protecting women.” We don’t need to wait to see what the fallout from this latest video is because we already know. They knew he said awful things about women, and they did not stand up against him.

In evangelicals’ support of Donald Trump, they are in the midst of a perfect storm. Their candidate whom they have sided with, flaunts what it is to be a Christian. He even flaunts their vaunted view of women who are to be “cherished, honored, and protected” by men.

It is 2016. We are headed toward an election between two seriously flawed candidates. What will you tell your daughters?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to Evangelicals’ Perfect Storm

  1. I am really disgusted with this election. I am disgusted that the 2 major parties conspire with each other to ensure that no third party is viable. I am disgusted that each of the 2 major parties managed to nominate the absolute worst candidate (as I see it) from among all of those running in each party. So what I am left with is deciding who is the worst of the worst or perhaps if they are equally bad. I do happen to think one of the 2 is the worst of the 2, but I know others who see them both as equally bad and yet others who see the other candidate as the worst. In any case, I do not plan to vote FOR any candidate, assuming I vote (which I am planning to do as of now) I plan to vote AGAINST the candidate that I assess as the worst of the worst.


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