The culture war

Omar Mateen, the Islamic terrorist who murdered 49 people in Orlando, Florida, may or may not have wanted to preserve his Islamic culture and bring down our Western style culture. But he would not be the only one who wants to do so.

Sunday morning in church, I bowed my head in silent prayer for the victims of the massacre. Monday morning I knew nothing had changed. It came in an envelope from a large congregation of Church of Christ just down the street from us. It was an invitation to hear how Liberty University and their legal team at Liberty Counsel plan to take back America by rousing pastors and congregations into civil action. Their Three Pillars Ministry are: Religious Freedom, Sanctity of Human Life, and The Family.

Their goal is to restore the culture. And you can be sure that culture they want to restore is one that fits with their perceived “right” way. I am reminded of the Amish and the Mennonites. They chose to live in the culture and not move away from it, even though everything around them was changing.

Most Amish communities that were established in North America did not ultimately retain their Amish identity. The original major split that resulted in the loss of identity occurred in the 1860s. During that decade ministerial conferences were held in Wayne County, Ohio, concerning how the Amish should deal with the pressures of modern society. (Amish-Wikipedia)

Liberty Counsel’s first pillar, Religious Freedom, has no real meaning except to the person espousing it. To Liberty University and Liberty Counsel, it means:

Liberty Counsel advances these liberties on behalf of students, teachers, parents, pastors, churches and individuals in their homes, at work and in public spaces. Liberty Counsel advocates for students who want to pray and thank God in their schools and help Christians gain equal access to host events in public facilities. We protect the right of ministers to speak the truth without fear of government censors, and fight for those who are at risk of losing their religious freedom.  

But Religious Freedom will not be what Liberty University wants it to be. For true religious freedom, Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, Christian Science and any invented religion, will also have those same rights. Muslims can put down prayer mats in hallways and issue calls to prayer in schools. It is doubtful that is what Liberty University wants. Goal: Pray in schools.

Their second pillar, Sanctity of Human Life means no abortions. Abortions are horrible and should never be taken lightly. But to say absolutely ‘no’ to abortions opens up illegal back-room abortions and girls and women will die because of botched abortion attempts. Let’s face it. Birth control is legal, available, and cheap – but women and girls still get pregnant. Many of those women will choose to abort their baby. You can’t change that. You cannot legislate morality. There always have been abortions and there always will be. Goal: Repeal Roe vs Wade

Their third Pillar, The Family. They say “Marriage as the union of one man and one woman predates every form of government and transcends politics.” But that is wrong. One man and multiple wives was the norm in biblical times and is still the norm in Muslim cultures. Look back to pillar Religious Freedom. Since Islamic men can have four wives, are we to allow them four wives in America? Goal: Repeal same-sex marriage.

Whenever anyone wants to change or preserve culture, look at how they treat women. Liberty University is a male headship university and teaches that women must be in complete submission to their husbands and males in leadership. Islam teaches the same.

Our Western culture is not perfect by any means, but we are making a governmental step toward equality for women. Religion has not done so. Most religions seek to deny women full equality.

It is 2016. What culture do you choose?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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