Choosing the next SBC president

“What do you see as the key moral issues of our day, and how can the SBC president represent Southern Baptists as America increasingly moves away from Judeo-Christian values?” That was the question Mark Woods of Christian Today asked the three nominees for president of the SBC.

Good politicians know how to answer the question without answering the question, and these preachers know that too, as you can see in their responses.

Steve Gaines, “The three key moral issues in our day are abortion, sexual immorality.” (note that he listed only 2 moral issues).

Steve Crosby, “The greatest moral issue is our flagging love for the lost and dying around us.” 

JD Greear, “I am less concerned with the moral drift of the culture than I am with the moral drift of people who call themselves Christians. If we do not look like Jesus in our behavior, we will certainly not sound like Jesus nor represent Him faithfully in our world.”

Woods goes on to say, “All of these men are, by UK standards, highly conservative theologically – you don’t even get nominated for the SBC presidency if there’s any doubt of your orthodoxy. This means, for instance, no women in ministry, (probably) young-earth creationism, biblical inerrancy and absolutely no tolerance of homosexuality or acceptance of transgender behaviour. In strictly theological terms, there’s probably no difference between them on social issues.”

To me, that sums up what is wrong with the largest Protestant denomination in the US today. No matter what these 3 candidates for president of the SBC say, there is a moral failing of Christians today that has little to do with abortion, gay rights, or evangelism.

#1 moral failure – No women in ministry. Until all of God’s children can serve equally without regard to their gender, love is withheld. And without love, we cannot be Christ-like, for how can we show our love to the lost and dying when we do not show our love to the females in the denomination?

#2 moral failure – elevating husbands to be representatives of Christ on earth. This redefines God and it is a moral failing when we seek to make a human man like God.

#3 moral failure – homosexual bashing on public forums and in pulpits. You have the right to not agree with homosexuality, but it is a moral failing when we seek to hurt others through our strongly held religious beliefs.

#4 moral failure – Biblical inerrancy which leads to limiting God as to how he created the earth (young-earth creation) and teaching our children to discount scientific knowledge about creation – knowledge that God has revealed to us in through discoveries in the earth and in the universe.

If I were answering the question of what the key moral issues today, it would be far different from these pastors’ answers. Key moral issues are:

1) drugs

2) sex (sex trafficking which demeans girls and women by selling them, and demeans men by purchasing their favors; pornography.)

3) Pastors’ addictions and pastors’ sexual abuse of children

It is 2016. What do you see as key moral issues today?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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