The Woman Card used by all

This week, I had a craw full of women put-downs. Enough. This one was innocent enough. A local Christian woman (Church of Christ) has written a book on how women can resist listening to the devil and how older women are to teach younger women how to love and honor their husbands. She said that this was the neglected teaching in the church. I almost spit up my coffee when I read that at breakfast. It is the predominant teaching of her local church and all the churches in this area. I’ve met this woman. She has actually preached in some churches.

Last week on facebook someone sent the picture of the Christ Umbrella covering the Husband whose umbrella covered the wife whose tiny umbrella covered the kids and home. As soon as I made a comment about Jesus sharing his headship with a human male and wondering why, it popped off my facebook page. Not sure why. I hope it was because the person understood what I was saying. But after reading the comments of this person’s friends who agreed with the women’s tiny umbrella buffered by the Husband (the 4th man of the Trinity – isn’t that now a quartet?), I am afraid my comment was deleted because I am the radical and I played the Woman Card.

As a street evangelist I talk with young and old women in the most unlikely places about women’s equality in the church and in the home. The Woman Card is alive and present in all our lives. The Woman Card is used for those sweet-mushy talking against women such as Donald Trump and those who are for women such as Hillary Clinton.

You could call it the uni-sex card, because both men and women use it.

Denominations and churches both love us and hate us. They love our spirituality, our money, our time, and our kids. They hate when we want to be full citizens of our churches, causing them to blog, hold seminars, write books, and preach on Husband’s authority and women’s submission.

This week, my craw runneth over. I am a Woman. Not an afterthought of my Creator.

It is 2016. What Woman Card are you playing?

Read “Reports from the street evangelist” on my website

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to The Woman Card used by all

  1. Diana Combs says:

    It is so hypocritical how an exception is made in patriarchal churches to women preaching from the pulpit unless she’s preaching patriarchy.


    • Its like “you are saying what I want to hear, so it is ok.” This woman and I had several discussions about equality for Christian women in our churches and I could not believe what I read. Her thinking is why women were burned as witches for 400 years. They said women were more easily tempted and ‘listened to the devil.’


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