Why is my bookstore so complementarian?

Why are our bookstores so complementarian? They will not carry egalitarian books, so I have found a way to get my books into the hands of the community. I call myself the street evangelist for women’s equality and I give one of my books to each person I speak to. Read my recent experience with our local Christian bookstore.

Report from the street evangelist. Got off work early and went shopping, but still had an hour to kill before my hair appointment. Decided to go to the Christian Book Store with a new tactic. Been there before, of course, but they ‘don’t have space’ for my book. Reread the “Glory of Sex” reference to Timothy Keller that it is on page 130 of my newest book, Dethroning Male Headship: Second Edition. Stuck the book inside my purse.

Going on a mission. Bet I don’t have to look long before I find Timothy Keller’s book and his glory of sex reference. Sure enough, there were 2 of them in the marriage section. Found what I wanted on page 237 and put the book back. Went to the counter and told the young woman there that I wanted to give her my book that she could put on the shelf. No charge, just don’t throw it in the trash can (I wanted her to know it was valuable!). She took it behind the wall to the manager.

While she disappeared, I stepped back and got the Real Marriage book referenced before and stood waiting for her at the counter. She returned with my book and said they would have to review it. I asked her “Do you think that when a husband and wife have sex and climax that they are emulating the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?” I opened Keller’s book and showed her where he says that. Of course she was shocked. I said, “This book has already passed review, but look what it says!” Then I opened my book and showed her what I said about what he said in his book. I took out my street evangelist card and stuck it in on page 130 of my book, and said “I call myself the street evangelist for women’s equality.” Read more reports from the street evangelist.

Read what this Christian blogger has to say about Christian bookstores. I ask you, what will you do about it?

Biblical Personhood

Christian book store Trinkets at the front, Bibles at the back: This American Christian book store is larger than most I have seen, but also has other things in front and books at the back. It is also known to be complementarian, as the chain once famously took a magazine with woman pastors from the shelves. (Photo taken from the Internet.)

“Great news”, my serious Christian friend said. “Gospel Direct will take over the Lux Verbi store in Welkom.” Lux Verbi was the Christian bookstore in Welkom. Gospel Direct is a company that sells religious CDs, DVDs, and books. (And trinkets like pencils and mugs with religious messages.)

He was happy, because Gospel Direct has a marketing strategy, and capacity to buy in bulk, that enables them to sell gospel CDs more cheaply. In the time since – and of course Gospel Direct cannot take sole responsibility – books became few and superficial…

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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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