Advent – the coming Christ, or ‘becoming’ Christ

Southern Baptists and other evangelicals are teaching a false doctrine of husband superiority over their wives. “Our pastor said that we are not to lord it over our wives,” Ben, a man from a church in Oklahoma, told me as we were standing on the deck of a cruise ship in the Bahamas. That meant that husbands are Lords over their wives, but are to constrain themselves in some kind of false modesty.

The Roman Catholic Church claims the Pope is Christ’s representative on earth, with all the power and authority Christ had (with earthly physical limitations), and uses that as leverage over all Roman Catholics. Because of this teaching about Matthew 16:18-19, Catholics believe their Church has dominion over their souls.

In addition, Catholics give money to get their loved ones out of purgatory and for prayers to be answered because they are convinced the prayers of priests have power to change things in heaven. They are also convinced they can never attain salvation if they do not meet conditions decided upon by their Pontiff, the Pope, who is said to speak for Christ Himself.

The word Pontiff comes from a Latin word meaning “bridge builder.” The Pope is their bridge (pontiff) to heaven.

This false doctrine taught by complementarians says that Christ submits to God in heaven, while the husband (Christ’s representative) submits to Christ, and the wife (representing the church) submits to her husband. The husband becomes her ‘pontiff.’ In other words, they designate the husband as having become part of the divinity, with the right of rulership, so he can command obedience from his wife.

The complementarian wife is powerless to choose her own direction, or to hear from God for herself, unless it agrees with what her so-called spiritual leader, her husband, says. Her divine husband becomes her mediator, taking the place of Jesus as leader in her life.

They can teach this because they have decided that the husband plays the part of Jesus in a marriage, and they see no contradiction to 1 Timothy 2:5 which says, “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men (humankind), the man Christ Jesus.” She must submit to her husband and obey him in everything. In this manner, it is not the church, which is made up of both men and women, that is the body of Christ, it is wives who become the body of Christ, and husbands who replace Christ’s leadership.

In this way, they teach that Husbands have ‘become’ Christ.

If a husband could be given authority over his wife, it would change her personal relationship with Christ. Upon marriage, her relationship with Christ would become corporate, with her husband as the go-between between her and Christ. Her husband’s personal relationship with Christ would remain the same, but with the added responsibility of mediating for his wife. This is in opposition to what the apostle Paul says about Christ in 1 Timothy 2:5.  Paul says there is “one mediator between God and man, the man Jesus Christ.”

Protestants believe that Catholic priests cannot mediate between God and man, but they are willing to give husbands this divine power. If such a thing were possible, that would make him a god/mediator and his wife a lesser being than himself.

Yet complementarian men are falling for the temptation to “be like God” when they insist on becoming mediators between their wives and God. Remember that the serpent tempted Eve by saying “You will be like God…”

Beware of men who would ‘become’ Christ in your marriage. If your pastor is teaching this, stand up to this false doctrine. Complementarianism is taught in all 6 Southern Baptist Seminaries with their 55 locations.

Excerpt from my book Dethroning Male Headship: Second Edition.

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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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7 Responses to Advent – the coming Christ, or ‘becoming’ Christ

  1. Don Johnson says:

    My take is that in Eph 5 there is a metaphor where Paul maps Jesus as head of his body (the church) to a husband as head of his wife. However, what is often missed is that what Jesus does as “head of the church” are all serving functions in the NT (both in Eph 5 and elsewhere), there are no leading functions done by Jesus as “head of the church” (although of course, Jesus does lead the church), which is somewhat counterintuitive to the English meaning of “head of” which most times today means “leader of”. In other words, comps take the head metaphor too far and unfortunately the clear (English) reading does also.


    • You are right. “Perception is reality.” If the pew Bible says ‘leader’ then we are lead to accept the English meaning of it. After all, we cleaned up the KJV and changed ‘suffer’ because we didn’t understand that meaning of ‘allow’ and if leader didn’t mean leader, surely we would have corrected that, too. So, in that reality of perception, the pastors use it that way because they choose that meaning, and the congregation sees it that way because they are not Hebrew or Greek or Bible scholars. We are English speakers, so ‘leader’ means ‘head of’ even though that meaning changes the whole of Jesus Christ.

      Since the congregation is using an English bible, we have to use their meaning. By that, the way I prefer, is to tear apart their reasoning, just as I did in this post. If they choose to stand by the English meaning, then I force them to look at how that changes Christ, changes their salvation, and changes the whole concept of God.

      When in Rome, speak Italian. When speaking to church members, use the pew bible.

      Thank you so much for your comment.


  2. Mara says:

    Have you seen this?

    (Perhaps you have covered this already or are at least aware of it. But I wanted to show you just in case.)


  3. pnissila says:

    I grew up heavily steeped in Roman Catholicism (12 years in Catholic schools) and did not become a Christian until the age of 23. What you say is true, and there are layers of additional dogma concerning who submits to whom when, where, and how, in that organization.

    Women are just a notch above children, as it were, except for nuns who are a notch above that, but all are beneath men with the pope at the top who claims to speak ex cathedra, meaning as if God. when he speaks on “matters of faith and morals”.

    Of course the current pontiff is off into liberation theology/socialism, so he spreads his presumed power into the political arena as well… Might I add, as a Jesuit, this pope is also likely very well versed in methods of mind control (from that group comes the famous expression, “give us a child until he is seven and we have him for life,” or words to that effect). Some fairly famous despots learned from the mind control methods of the Jesuits…

    Unfortunately, however, as any historian and most ex-Catholics can tell you, the Roman Catholic popes have changed their minds time and time again on such matters, as opposed to God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    But the system has many control tentacles, as it were, that keep the unsuspecting bound to RCism much like, I am afraid, the modern patriarchal religious system keeps their adherents bound to their own gospel–those adherents who do not study the Scriptures themselves, or who, like Catholics, are told they cannot study the Scriptures with any hope of real comprehension because only the (male) leadership can do so…

    My sisters, now-Christian also, and I have our own expression: “sounds Catholic to me,” which is what we’ve often said about the modern manifestation of the patriarchal cult. So, in a way, my intense schooling in the RC system has spared me getting too mind-controlled by this non-Catholic, yet very Catholic-like group. But I will add the influence is very subtle in the patriarchal cult.

    When I left the RC system and began to grow as a Christian, I became familiar with “Protestantism’s” own brand of female subjugation and was, frankly, shocked. However, having come out of the mother of all cults I felt, in a way, forewarned/forearmed. (I say cult because Jesus is mentioned in RCism, but primarily another Jesus who lied on the cross when he said, “It is finished,” so Catholics are still obligated to do penance to erase Hell/Purgatory….unless they earn “indulgences”…the aberrational teachings just go on and on…)

    Fortunately, as clever as the Jesuits may well be, there is One smarter and much, much more powerful to save, heal and deliver. Millions have and will continue to come out of RCism and, by your and others’ efforts, millions will, I trust, also come out of patriarchalism, guided by the truth of the real Gospel.

    Thanks for your dedication and this blog, as always. I have written about my exit from Roman Catholicism in a series starting here, if I may: .


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