Reclaiming our equality – Awareness

Continuing our series on making a plan to bring about women’s equality, we focus on educating ourselves, which we must do before we can educate others. Awareness of the situation in our churches comes through recognizing the problems and arming ourselves with knowledge of the scriptures through available resources.

This week we will commit to learn more about women’s equality by reading at least one article and one book that promotes gender equality. (Resources are from Christians for Biblical Equality – of which I am a member)

Many people have never heard the term ‘male headship’ but they can quote scriptures telling women that they are not to have authority over men, and that husbands are head of their wives, or that a wife is to submit to her husband as Christ submits to the Lord. We call this theory complementarian.

Complementarianism denies the truth of the statement below:

Jesus is our standard, and since Jesus did not commit women to husbands, or to males, and because Jesus did not deny women anything based on their being women, then we cannot in good stewardship of the gospel, do so either. (Shirley Taylor)

In other words, we have mistranslated and misused the gospel. We know this because restrictions against women serving fully as they are called, does not match the standard by which we have our being, Jesus Christ.

So what do we do when we hear those scriptures used in church services and by friends and relatives who seem to know what they are talking about? The answer is to be prepared. We prepare ourselves by learning the origin and the result of those scriptures. To apply those scriptures literally the way they are spoken means that Jesus shares his headship over women with a husband! In this way, husbands become little man-gods. Now who believes the revered apostle Paul would ever speak that way?

It is hard to find egalitarian books in Christian bookstores. But it is easy to find well-known Christian book authors that promote female submission to husbands and to male leadership. The majority of Christian bookstores carry their works, but they will not carry Christian books promoting Biblical female equality.  The reason they will not carry these books on Christian women’s equality is because they are owned by denominations that have language that restricts women to certain roles in their Statements of Faith. So we must look outside Christian bookstores such as LifeWay for books on Christian women’s equality.

The best source of Christian egalitarian books are found in the CBE Bookstore (Christians for Biblical Equality)

The best source for articles to learn more about Christian women’s biblical equality is also from Christians for Biblical Equality (

Free Articles from the CBE website are listed below:

Read one article each day this week, and read a book on women’s equality. I recommend my own two books Dethroning Male Headship and Women Equal-No Buts: Powered by the same Source. Both are available in Kindle and online bookstores.

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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