What equality for Christian women will look like

People have asked me “what does women’s equality look like for you?” Since churches and denominations have their own set of restrictions against women in ministry, each person’s picture would look different. In the next few blogs we will show you what is happening in Christendom right now regarding women’s equality.

This, the beginning of the series, is what I envision women’s equality to look like, so it is actually the end result. Be sure to read the post before this one which began with Jacob and Esau.

Jacob, through deception and opportunity, stole the birthright of his twin brother Esau. Esau was guilty of dismissing the importance of his birthright. This analogy has Jacob representing men who pushed women aside even though men and women were both firstborn in the New Creation, and set to inherit the goods and possessions of the Father. Esau represents women who now realize that they gave up their most valuable inheritance.

Esau who had allowed his birthright to be stolen, met his brother with his own set of gifts and forgiveness. Women, all of whom have had their Newbirth right stolen, can do the same.

Beginning the journey

  1. Gather your gifts
  2. Bring along your army of supporters
  3. Go with forgiveness
  4. Offer reconciliation

Esau gathered his gifts, and his army of 400 men and went to meet his brother.

Genesis 33:8-12 Common English Bible (CEB)

8 Esau said, “What’s the meaning of this entire group of animals that I met?”

Jacob said, “To ask for my master’s kindness.”

Esau said, “I already have plenty, my brother. Keep what’s yours.”

10 Jacob said, “No, please, do me the kindness of accepting my gift. Seeing your face is like seeing God’s face, since you’ve accepted me so warmly. 11 Take this present that I’ve brought because God has been generous to me, and I have everything I need.” So Jacob persuaded him, and he took it.

12 Esau said, “Let’s break camp and set out, and I’ll go with you.”

We have no malice and we are willing to meet our brothers half-way. We, too, have gifts to bring. With your family and my family together again, we will be able to do many things for the Lord. Will you start the journey?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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