This woman is a preacher

Mariam Ibraheem Ishag was finally freed from Sudan. She left with her two babies and husband and will soon be in the United States. We rejoice with her and for her and for her family. She stood up for her Christian faith.

It is not easy to find someone with that kind of faith, and we are all made better for it. Pope Francis met her and blessed her. It should have been the other way around. This woman of great courage should have been blessing him because it is doubtful that we will find a greater faith anywhere among us.

After a little time she will fade in the background, she will lose her voice, and be relegated to the backwaters of Christianity.

Her mouth that proclaimed Christ will be shut. It will be shut in the United States. All because she is a woman.

How many Baptist churches would ask her to come to their church and stand behind their pulpits and speak to the church?  Some would, but they would diminish her message. This is how they would do it. They would ask her to speak and then after she spoke, the preacher would preach. That is how they always get around having a woman stand behind the pulpit. Her words cannot stand alone, they have to be reinforced by a male preacher after she sits down.

The Samaritan woman at the well stood up and preached. To be exact, she didn’t just stand up. This woman ran! She ran down the streets and collared all the men she biblically knew, and those she didn’t, and told them about Jesus. She brought them to Jesus.

A woman can’t bring a man to Jesus today in most churches. She can tell her little boys about Jesus and she can tell your little boys about Jesus. But she can’t stand up in a pulpit and tell your husband about Jesus. Oooooh Noooo! A woman is not qualified to do that, you know.

Mariam Ibraheem Ishag stood up to the world and told them about Jesus. Through her mouth and through her actions. “Throw me in prison. Hang me. Take me away from my family. I will not deny Christ and my Christian faith.”

I can’t imagine a more powerful message in any of our churches, come Sunday morning.

There are those who breathe or shout insults to women, telling us we are weak, and therefore God would not call such a weak human being as a preacher. Will you stand up, like Mariam did, and tell the world that we are not weak? That the gospel that comes from our mouths is the gospel of Christ, and to call us weak, is to call Christ weak?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to This woman is a preacher

  1. Tom Parker says:

    I would love to hear her Preach. It is beyond wrong that women are treated like second class citizens by the church.


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