Can you hear me now? Equal-but?

Can you hear me now? Can you hear us now?

Have you signed the petition yet?

We’ve gotten the attention of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (president Paige Patterson who helped write the Danvers Stuff). Their women (Dorothy Patterson’s admin assistant) suddenly decided they need to defend their equal-buts by saying equal, yet distinct. Well, that is a bunch of crap. Equal means equal. Of course everybody is distinct, but whether or not we lift the toilet lid should not be the determining factor of how we can serve in church.

If you haven’t signed the petition, please do so. Meanwhile read this article just posted in the Associated Baptist Press called Seminary website lists aspects of biblical womanhood.”

For those of you who do not know, I began agitating Baptists in Jan 2009 and in Oct 2009 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary adopted the Danvers Statement as their statement of faith (after not feeling the need for 21 years, they suddenly needed to do it?).

Will you join me in speaking up? Your voice is critically important. Read Cindy Kunsman’s blog “Under Much Grace” in response to the article in the Associated Baptist Press and then sign.  Also click on her post about who has signed the petition. Pass it on.

If in doubt, read my two books Dethroning Male Headship and Women Equal-No Buts: Powered by the same Source. Both available on Amazon and Kindle.

Can they hear us now?



About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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10 Responses to Can you hear me now? Equal-but?

  1. Cindy K says:

    What happened to True Woman (TM)? Why do we need a Biblical Woman (TM) if the marketplace of ideas already has something similar? Why don’t they just jump on the bandwagon? Ir is True Woman (TM) just for SBTS Calvinists only and Biblical Woman (TM) just for SWBTS Dispensationalists? I need a scorecard.

    Is this in the Women’s section of the SBC Talmud Catechism? Does The Biblical Woman Statement (TM) come before or after The True Woman Manifesto (TM)? I can’t keep it straight.


  2. boatrocker says:

    That’s exactly it, Cindy, a Talmud. Whether it’s male/female or clergy/laity, the root of the problem is ‘lording over’, and Jesus/apostles left no loopholes for allowing it.

    BTW, Shirley… do you think your publisher might be interested in printing my book on that topic


    • You can ask, but it is my understanding that she is not publishing any books anymore. I self-published my Women Equal-No Buts: Powered by the same Source.


      • boatrocker says:

        What self-publishing co. was it? Don’t they require money up front?


      • Not having any experience in this, I went about it backwards. I first put my book up on Kindle and loved the cover. Then Kindle emailed me and said that I could put it in print form using Create Space, I decided to do that. I could not use my original cover without the expertise to create my own cover. So I used the ones they offered and put in a small picture of my original cover. It did not cost me one penny. I can purchase my own books cheaply, but I have to put a higher price on it to sell because they have to get a cut and so do I. I can give my books away to whomever I choose because they are cheaper and I do. So I spread the books out. The message is the most important thing to me.


      • boatrocker says:

        Sounds, good, thanks. I just happened to be wandering around Amazon looking for printing services and watched a short video by Create Space when I got an email of your reply. 🙂


  3. Cindy K says:

    Someone hears us, but others don’t want to hear anything. We just got censured by the Christian Newswire. They won’t issue our press release about the petition.


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