To move mountains

“Prayer can move mountains, but it takes a bulldozer to move men,” my supervisor quoted.  Not sure who said it, but when the time came for my supervisor to move to Dallas in the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer of Baptist General Convention of Texas, I gave him a small yellow bulldozer for his desk.

It takes a bulldozer to move men (and women). It will take a bulldozer to level the ground for men and women.

So let’s bulldoze.

This is still part of the series about ways to bring about women’s equality because we must be proactive. Women will not gain their equality in the church by osmosis.

Email, call, or write to the national booksellers, church literature resources, bookstores, and any company that sells Christian books that you would like to see a separate category for gender equality, and for them to carry more books promoting gender equality.

Contact these bookstores and sellers:  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ebooks, Cokesbury,  BaptistWay Press, Abingdon Press,, Mardell Christian Education, Faith Village, The Christian Century, Westminister Bookstore, Episcopal Bookstore, Lutheran bookstores, Catholic Bookstores.

These bookstores class their books by category.  Marriage, Family, Leadership, and so forth.  None have any classification for Gender Equality (or whatever name that means women are equal to men.)

Ask them to make a category for Gender Equality and to secure books that promote female equality.

Even though a few of these Christian denominations already have women in leadership, the fight is not over.  Their own members need to know why they made the decision to go against all other faiths and allow women pastors and elders.

In your email or letter, explain that all across the world, women are engaged in a struggle for equality and the search is difficult to find books that promote female equality.

Explain that their own members are facing television commercials, movies, and neighbors and friends who teach that women are not equal, and that they must continue to teach their own members about gender equality.  What has been given, can be lost and overwhelmed by the majority.  The majority believe that males have headship over females.

I have given you a bulldozer.  Go level the ground!

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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1 Response to To move mountains

  1. Gail says:

    This is a fantastic idea! Maybe we could start at list of titles here that we could send as suggestions? Keeping the typical church-attender in mind, I think I would start with well-established books like “Beyond Sex Roles” (Gilbert Bilezikian), “The Resignation of Eve” (Jim Henderson), “How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership” (Alan Johnson), and “Why Not Women?” by Loren Cunningham. Others?


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