Did God make men different from women?

A pastor writes a joke column every day for the local newspaper.  Today was the biggest joke of all.

“The Bible says God made men different from women. A lot different. But that’s cool. Let’s be glad we are who we are. I’m glad to be a guy.”

Well, of course he is! He believes God gave him all the good parts. Well, maybe God gave women a good part, but that part doesn’t give her the right to be a preacher or a pastor, or to be a deacon, or to be a leader in her own family in front of her own children. But his part does.

Where in the Bible does it say that God made men different from women?  Will somebody please stand up and tell me where?  Ok, I don’t think this pastor is referring to a woman being made from Adam’s side.  I think he is talking about roles, or functions.  I know he believes that women are made to have different functions. From his own sermons, I know that.

Shouldn’t a pastor know the bible? Maybe I don’t. I am waiting to hear from anybody.  Where does the Bible say that God made men different from women?

Today I was at the George W Bush Library and almost in tears as I saw picture after picture of Iraq and Afghan women proud to vote, and I realized that more than likely all around me, were women who will walk into their church tomorrow morning and leave their their equality outside the church door.   Watch my Book Trailer to see what I mean.

Our eyes are closed and we do not see. Our ears are closed and we do not hear.

How will you walk into church tomorrow morning? As a free woman or as a bound woman who “is created different from men?”


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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4 Responses to Did God make men different from women?

  1. Michelle says:


    I’ve wondered for years where the Bible clearly states that and how God made women and men different. The obvious biological differences are obvious, and some other physical/medical differences are less obvious (e.g. Heart attack symptoms present differently). But we have much more in common as people than what’s different because of our sex. We are shaped by the stereotypes and expectations of our cultures, while the same factors color our “observations” of gender: Look up “confirmation bias”.

    Thank you for this brave post.


  2. TOM PARKER says:


    What is so sad is that so many who say they believe the Bible, use it to say things that are not true–especially about women.


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