How can you not love me?

I had wondered why many Methodists are members of Christians for Biblical Equality, and there were glimpses that Methodists were not all on board for female equality, even though they have women Pastors and Associate Pastors and ushers, and prayer readers, and all the visible positions in a church.

But a local Methodist church is holding a series called Sacred Marriage.  I only know what I have read and heard Gary Thomas say about his book and book study.  But that is enough.  He is a member of a very fundamental mega Baptist church in Houston – Second Baptist Church.  He is quoted as saying that women taught in the New Testament but that the Bible clearly shows that men are to be the leaders in the church and home.

How can a church that accepts female equality turn around and teach female subordination?

How can that church not love me?  Not only me, but all women who attend  church? How can a church that tells women that they are good enough to pray out loud and be a pastor, then hold marriage seminars where women are told that they are second to their husbands.

Gary Thomas says in his Sacred Marriage that husbands will be made holy in marriage.  Of course I suppose they would be since that kind of language also means that the husband takes the place of Christ while the wife takes the place of the church while playing out their roles.  Where the Holy Spirit fits in this marriage is unknown, and nobody even asks.

What does it say about a church when it teaches male headship?  Surely a church would not let a teaching be sanctioned by the pastor if the pastor thought that teaching was wrong.

I want to ask that church, “How can you not love me?  I am a woman.  But you seek to put me down. You seek to put every male over my head.  Or is it just my husband you seek to put over my head?”  Why would a church teach something that is so contrary to the teaching of the Bible.  There is absolutely no scripture that tells men that they are to be the leaders in the church and in the home.

If you feel that your church is telling you that they don’t love you when they bring in such teaching as male headship, write your pastor.  Tell your pastor that marriages are not sacred marriages, playing out roles of Christ and the church.  If you need help with that, please read my book Dethroning Male Headship.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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3 Responses to How can you not love me?

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  2. This is excellent. I am very troubled by this trend in the UMC, although the denomination for the most part affirms women’s equality in church and home. I’m with you, Shirley.


    • I am troubled by it too. Please write your bishop and let her/him know that UMC needs egalitarian marriage materials, or it won’t be long before that their congregation begins to see that if women can’t share leadership in marriage, they can’t be pastors. For your information, the pastor said she is modifying the Sacred Marriage teaching, but it is like getting all the paint from a paint roller. You can’t do it. I am not sure it is even legal!


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