Almost a book review

Cindy Kunsman includes my book Dethroning Male Headship in her book review of Every Woman and Child by Adele Hebert.  She will be reviewing my book in a week or so.  You will find this interesting.  Cindy blogs at Under Much Grace.  Read this and the whole review of Adele’s book here.

A Perfect Accompaniment

In closing, I have to mention one more thing. Though I had Adele’s book with me for several weeks before I had an opportunity to read it, when I had a chance to sit down to read it, I first thumbed through Shirley Taylor’s book, Dethroning Male Headship. (A review of Shirley’s new must-read book will follow soon!) I was told that the book quoted a statement I made that I know that complementarians will find provocative. A bit concerned about how the quote would come across, I spent time reading only a few chapters in Shirley’s book before I feasted on all of Adele’s writing that morning. The selections that I read in Shirley’s book confronted some of the more perverse aspects of the distortion of Scripture with which complementarianism blackmails the Believer, all for the purpose of posturing to make it seem as though Scripture demands that men rule over women in an authoritarian relationship. (I found it quite frustrating, as it confronted several hard truths. The first section of her book addresses the same content that Adele’s highlights, but I jumped to the back section that morning to only find that hard-to-read section about how the Bible has been twisted.) I didn’t have time to finish both books that morning, and having had Adele’s book for so many weeks, I wanted to finish it first.  (Shirley’s note:  I think it is the hard truths that Cindy is referring to when she says it is frustrating.  I hope it is not my work!)

I decided that day that I would recommend to others that Shirley’s book should be read first, as it concludes with and focuses more heavily on exposing so many evils. Shirley inspires us to pursue the cause of righteousness by standing as a dissident against the gender agenda which compromises women by trying to bind their hands, hearts, and mouths. (Cindy Kunsman).

When you seek to learn more, some of the things you learn will not be pretty.  Complementarianism is not pretty in spite of the beautiful picture they claim it to be.

Will you learn more?  Read our books. 

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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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1 Response to Almost a book review

  1. ”Complementarianism is not pretty in spite of the beautiful picture they claim it to be.”

    Yep, and if you can’t see it? They have labels for you. Yet, if you look at God’s love for us? Its not hard to find, and he doesn’t call us names if someone hasn’t found it yet, accepted it, etc.

    Pretty strong contrast there.


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