Beyond these walls

Years ago when I worked for Baptist General Convention of Texas, we went through a phase like many businesses do. This one was called “Beyond these Walls.” It meant that we were actively seeking to extend our church ministries outside the church building. Of course churches have always done that and still do. But there was an awareness that we had not been doing a good job of it. So we held seminars and talked about and probably did something about it.

You don’t hear those words any more.

So I was a little surprised when my interview with Sarah Neary of the Voice of Russia reported that I said that the issue of women’s equality must be solved within the walls of the church.  I hadn’t said it that way. What I said was that if church didn’t do it (within the walls) then it would have to come some other way.  To me that meant Beyond these Walls.

Jesus was the one who announced to women that he was the Messiah .Also, when he was resurrected, a woman was the first of the genders to realize he had risen, though there were men present at the time. Females did not look for power or competitive roles but rather it was men who did so. However, Jesus Christ forewarned Christians about the people who wanted to have all the powers.

Gender equality continues to be an uphill battle for the majority of females of the Christian faith. However, certain steps need to be taken in order for the genders to become balanced inside the holy church and out. Learning more about women’s equality for men is another crucial piece which needs to be fit in the puzzle of gender tolerance in religion. “They must remember Jesus, from whom we get Christianity. Jesus did not oppress women,” Taylor reminded.

Naturally, a progression of equality amongst the genders within the church unit would be a sound benefit to the stability and respect of women in the church. Taylor says though they have set a course of male headship and female submission that is detrimental to Christianity. Now, we struggle in the 21st century trying to make genders just and fair outside the church, when perhaps solving the issue should come from within church walls.

Read the whole article “Christianity puts men in power and ignores women’s rights.

This is what I actually said.

What can society do? First, they can understand exactly what it is that churches are telling women. Women in the United States are educated and have freedoms that are denied by other women in other countries. These freedoms should be promoted inside the church. Sadly, it will more than likely have to come from groups that are outside the church to make it happen. As I say in my book, most women in church do not want to make a fuss about equality. But a fuss must be made before change will come. So if church women abdicate their responsibility, some other group must step up.

Read the interview. The whole world should know what is going on in our churches. We egalitarian Christians will have to get out of the huddle and get our message out into the world. It will have to become a social conscience. Because the church is not going to do it.

The Southern Baptist Convention is meeting in Houston next week. They will issue a statement against gays and Boy Scouts. They have settled the question of female submission and it has been adopted and swallowed. Over and done with. No need to even talk about it.

But we must talk about it. Will you bring the conversation out into the open? Reporters love stories. Sarah Neary contacted me the first time when she was writing a story about women’s equality, but I contacted her the second time. Let’s get the word out Beyond These Walls!

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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8 Responses to Beyond these walls

  1. Without a word about women, or from a woman, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination declared Wednesday that the Bible permits only men to lead the nation’s 41,000 Southern Baptist churches. Many of modern Christianity’s other divisive issues went unmentioned as well, as delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting easily approved a new statement of core beliefs that condemns abortion, homosexuality, adultery and pornography, while declaring that only Christians will be saved by God. A few minutes later, the denomination adopted a resolution supporting the use of the death penalty.


  2. This view that women are somehow inferior to men is not restricted to one religion or belief. Women are prevented from playing a full and equal role in many faiths. Nor, tragically, does its influence stop at the walls of the church, mosque, synagogue or temple. This discrimination, unjustifiably attributed to a Higher Authority, has provided a reason or excuse for the deprivation of women’s equal rights across the world for centuries.


    • Thanks for your comment. This, too, ended up in my spam box. You are right. This discrimination has unjustifiably provided an excuse for the deprivation of women’s equal rights across the world. Not just the Christian world, but the whole world. Thanks for stopping by. We welcome you also.


  3. My personal opinion of Jimmy Carter is; he’s an antisemitic, old, Jew hating, reprobate, and he’s probably a card carrying member of the KKK.As for Carter’s opinion of women’s role in the Southern Baptist Church, the SBC just follows the outline of hierarchy, Paul described in the New Testament. There is no cruelty involved. And, no one is kidnapping women and making them wear burqas, or beating them for speaking to other men, in the SBC. They simply can not have leadership roles in the Church.If a woman wants to be a preacher, there are plenty of “churches” that allow women to preach. There is no cruelty going on. If someone’s liberal sensibilities are wounded by the SBC’s policies, then go somewhere else. It’s not (yet) a crime to believe that the Holy Bible has a description in it, that is the best way to run a Congregation. I could understand all the hubbub if they were actually causing harm to women, rather than just saying, “Women can not be preachers or hold a leadership role in the SBC churches. You liberals stick your noses in others people business, to much. Why don’t you go worry about the women in Islam? The get beaten, and experience clitoral mutilation, and are subject to honor killings if they don’t do what the males in the family tells them to do.Southern Baptist women can’t preach. . . Islamic women are murdered for saying no to their fathers, or husbands. Southern Baptist women are asked (underline asked) to defer to their husbands. . . Islamic women are forced to wear burqas and have their ******** removed. Get a little perspective, go fight a fight that needs fighting. Southern Baptist women are not being abused. There is no cruelty being perpetrated on Southern Baptist women.


    • You comment ended up in my Spam so I am sure if you are real or not. but just in case you are, let me tell you that cages placed around women is cruelty. We live in the 21st century and it is time that women are fully equal in church and home. I wonder why you feel free to call me a “liberal?” Also Southern Baptist women are not “asked” to defer to their husbands. They are told that that is what the Bible says, and since the Bible says it, it is not an option of whether or not you do. Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to engage in a conversation with us, we welcome you.


    • pnissila says:

      Wow! I feel your anger and angst! 😉

      But to the issue: it’s not what women want or don’t want. It’s not what men want or don’t want. To aid in understanding the point of view, here, don’t look to us or to any other than Jesus Christ. Walk with Him, if you will, through the Holy Land of His ministry on earth and see and understand how He treated women–at times to the anger and angst of the religious hierarchy, read, men, in His company. Then, read the epistles in the context of the culture of the day and the specific circumstances therein. Perhaps that will help.

      And here’s something else to ponder: Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Did Jesus free only half the race?

      If that doesn’t help you, we will merely have to agree to disagree.


    • krwordgazer says:

      Taylor, what you’re doing here is actually a silencing technique. You’re suggesting that because there are worse incidents of oppression of women than in the SBC, it is therefore illegitimate to discuss the SBC’s oppression of women. But though the SBC does not command burkas, honor killings, etc., it does still oppress women. Saying that a person can’t preach, not because of their qualifications, skills or character, but because they lack a Y chromosome and a penis, is oppression– just as much as if the SBC forbid persons to do certain things because of the color of their skin. The SBC finally backed off the latter position but still pushes the former– and “you can’t preach” is merely the tip of a big iceberg of demeaning attitudes and policies towards women in the SBC. So saying, “You don’t have to wear a burka, so shut up” really isn’t helping anything.
      Here is an article on silencing techniques if you are interested:


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