A woman’s functions

“Our pastor said last Sunday that men and women are equal in the sight of God.” This woman who came to my book signing wanted to prove me wrong about what her church believes.

I know her pastor and I know that he does not believe that men and women are equal in church leadership or in the home. So I was surprised to hear that.  Another couple who also knows that pastor was seen shaking their heads to indicate that they, too, knew that pastor did not believe that women are actually created equal.

“I brought the bulletin to show you,” the lady went on.  She pulled out her church bulletin.  In the Notes section, the pastor has written sentences with a blank in it and then in his sermon he tells you what goes in the blank.

“Men and women are created equal in the sight of God, but have different functions.

And there it was!

Equal – but.

Equal – but she is designed to be less than her husband because somewhere in the Bible it says that women are created to exhibit different functions. In their teaching, that applies to both church and home.

There is no such scripture.

There is no scripture that tells us that women are to have different functions that pertain to spirituality.

There is no scripture to explain why earthly so-called functions have anything to do with the Kingdom of God.

There is no scripture that tells men that they are to let the women cook because cooking is not manly; in other words, not their function.

There is no scripture that tells women that they are to do womanly things: cooking, sewing, cleaning house, raising kids.  In fact, what of tailors who are men, chefs who are men, janitorial services that hire men, school teachers who are men? 

Does a woman’s work at home cooking, cleaning, and sewing, and raising kids change when it is done in the outside world for pay? Does it suddenly become a man’s function? Or could we say that tailors, chefs, janitors, school teachers should all be women?

Does the pastor of BBC (Big Baptist Church) have any idea of how ridiculous he sounds when he says women have different functions? Looking at our bodies we know that, but what does whether or not we lift the lid have anything to do with spirituality?

We know women have the babies and men father those kids.  Those functions are mentioned in the bible, but those functions are not mentioned as having anything to do with spiritual matters.

That is where these pastors such as the one of BBC get it wrong.  A function is not a spiritual designation. And it is spiritual designations that we should be concerned about.  The earthly is comparing apples to jewelry.

Will you tell your pastor that the Bible gives certain functions to pastors, and telling the truth and preaching the gospel is one of those pastoral functions?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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