Easter – when Love returned

Love returned on Easter morning.

Not as anyone expected. It didn’t happen that way. Early in the morning a group of women gathered their spices and went to anoint the body of Jesus, as was their custom. They thought he would still be lying in the tomb where he was placed before the Sabbath.

The men thought so, too. But there was a surprise in store for all of them.

Jesus was not there! He was gone! All that was left was the linen he was wrapped in.

Mary saw him first but didn’t recognize him. Then he called her name and she cried out, “Rabboni!” Teacher.

There is a song that describes Mary and Jesus’ reunion. If you are like me, you have sung this song many times. In popularity, it is next to “The Old Rugged Cross.” But if you are like me, you had no idea that this song was about Mary and Jesus.

Certainly it is not a song that you will hear on Easter morning. Easter morning seems to be a day of singing resurrection songs and shouting out praise. This song is a comforting, worshipful song but I doubt that it is ever sung on Easter morning. It begins this way:

“I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses, and the voice I hear, falling on my ear, the Son of God discloses.”

“In the Garden” was written in 1912 and is the story of when Love returned, and made himself known to a woman named Mary.

Love was lost for a long time in Christianity. We would like to think it has returned, but I don’t think Christianity knows Love like it ought to. I found this today. It is the Bylaws of the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas and explains their doctrine. Look at it. I’ve underlined what they say about women. You will notice that they equate being a woman with sin because their very next sentence that is always glued to women in ministry is about homosexuality.

Section 1 Affiliation Qualifications Any affiliate church must agree with the foundational beliefs of the SBTC set forth in its Constitution and Bylaws. Affiliated churches must actively cooperate with the work of the SBTC through regular participation and financial support through the Cooperative Program. Any church which has taken action affirming, approving, or endorsing the practice of female senior pastoral service shall not be considered for affiliation or continued affiliation with this convention. Also, the SBTC will not consider for affiliation or continued affiliation any church that has taken action affirming, approving, or endorsing the practice of homosexuality. Such actions include but are not limited to the licensure or ordination of homosexuals, marriage or blessing of homosexual relationships, and endorsing homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.

We pray for the return of Love. We pray that Love will return to women, as he did the first time. Will you join me in praying for Love to return as we live out our Christianity on this earth?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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6 Responses to Easter – when Love returned

  1. It’s sad that they have so many fears in life.


    • Women are the cork in the bottle. If they allow themselves to love women, they will be forced to love homosexuals, even though the two do not have anything at all to do with each other. There is no Bible connection whatsoever. But they connect it. They demean women purposefully. Women allow them to get away with it.

      > Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 14:32:59 +0000 > To: bwebaptist.women@live.com >


  2. tommy9999 says:

    Whoever wrote this Section one and all those that affirm this crap are despicable in my books.


    • Yes, they are. But there are about 3,000 plus churches that sign it. I wish I had read their bylaws before I wrote my book! You know they broke off from the Baptist General Convention of Texas in 1998, just before the BF&M 2000. But the sad thing is that about half of those 3,000 are also affiliated with BGCT. They are all (almost all) affiliated with the SBC.

      > Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 18:25:08 +0000 > To: bwebaptist.women@live.com >


      • tommy9999 says:

        Shirley: The SBC is not friendly to women at all IMO! Something has to change.


      • I am trying, Tommy! Tommy, have you joined our CBE Houston facebook? If you would like to join, email me through contact. We have some great contributors. Also, one of our women who was with Truett Seminary just got an associate job at a church in Waco. (the one where Julie was). Also one of the women who was at our CBE conference got a full scholarship to Vanderbilt. (Not SBC!). So we are celebrating some successes of women.

        > Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 20:49:29 +0000 > To: bwebaptist.women@live.com >


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