You can’t put it back in the box

If you have ever tried folding a fitted sheet, you know that it is impossible to refold it like it was in the package. Some things can never be restored to the original and will take on a completely different shape when opened.

There will be a big conference on marriages in April in a certain city. “Men and women are very different, by God’s design. If you have never been taught the principles, they aren’t going to just dawn on you,” he said.

By God’s design always, always, ALWAYS, means wifely submission.

You can’t pretty it up by saying it is God’s design. It is not God’s design. Freedom for all mankind (humankind, womankind, anykind) is God’s design.

You cannot demand submission without it having consequences. It will have consequences in the way America views women. It will have consequences in the way we treat women.

Quoted below is only one paragraph to show you what to expect.  Click to read the rest of the story. This is where we are headed if we subscribe and teach male headship.

“A woman needs to be confined within a framework that is controlled by the man of the house,” Osama Yehia Abu Salama, a Brotherhood family expert, said of the group’s general approach, speaking in a recent seminar for women training to become marriage counselors. Even if a wife were beaten by her husband, he advised, “Show her how she had a role in what happened to her.”

“If he is to blame,” Mr. Abu Salama added, “she shares 30 percent or 40 percent of the fault.”

Women, are you giving up without a fight? Do you love your country? Men, you who love to fight for a just cause, have you lost your sense of righteousness? Can’t you see the handwriting on the wall? It is not just for one woman that you need to speak up for. It is for all America!


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to You can’t put it back in the box

  1. Jean says:

    These so called Christian writers, speakersn and fake pastors are trin to deceive women. Many women will not speak up for the truth, but I will. I speak up for the truth. Something is wrong in this world, because all these men and some women writers on the internet, talk about is wifely submission, but they never talk about husbandly honoring and love and laying down their lives for their wives. See these people are not real Christians. They are making man made doctrines to decieve Christians. some Christian women and men believe their doctrines. This is Satan trying to separate women from the love of God.
    Women must not be deceived.


    • Welcome! I am glad you found this website. We are Christians who are working diligently for female equality in the church and in the home (marriages). There are two books I recommend you read and pass along for others to read. My book Dethroning Male Headship is available on Amazon, and Gerald Ford (a Christian marriage counselor) has just published his book Marriage Minutes which will be available on Amazon next week. We invite you to help get the message out with us.


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