Promoting Dethroning Male Headship

Writing a book is hard work. When you think you have it done, you realize that you did not fully explain one thought. Or you suddenly find something that someone said that you just know would make your book better.

That happened to me this weekend. We are in the final edit phase of Dethroning Male Headship and I have to start promoting my book.

I printed 40 business cards and headed to a book fair this past Saturday. There were 40 authors with a big emphasis on teen writing, along with historical fiction which I love to read. The fair was sponsored by the local college and local libraries and schools.

“May I put my stuff on your table?” brought a yes, but there is a price for it, you have to take one of my cards.  Here, use my pen, but there is a price for it, you have to take one of my cards. So I gave out cards.

In one workshop, when asked if there were any writers in the group, up went my hand. I do, I do! I told the name of my book and was quite pleased with the opportunity. 

After that session was over and we were headed toward another building, a woman came up to me. “I was in that class with you and heard what you said about your book. Our Bible study usually is one from Beth Moore, but we are looking for something different.” I took out my card and she said “give me some more ” so I gave her six. She told me the name of her Baptist church and because I worked for over 14 years in this area with Baptist churches, I knew immediately that her church was one of the more fundamental churches. I would love to see Pastor Steve when she shows him my card. But, you know what, she loved the idea of women’s equality!

I gave a card to a young lady who was a Christian writer. I told her that I write for women’s equality.

“But I actually believe that husbands are to be the head of the family, like Christ is the head of the church.” Since my whole book is about how to dethrone male headship, I had a book of answers for her, but not one specifically for that question. When I got home I quickly got busy on writing the answer. So now I have the answer.

But, no, I won’t tell you, because you see, I have to sell a book!

Will you help me dethrone male headship by speaking up whenever you can, and creating your own opportunity to speak up?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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4 Responses to Promoting Dethroning Male Headship

  1. Katia says:

    I’ll speak up against male headshp whenever I can, especially as it’s not just the women who get hurt by the headship thing. It’s the men, too. This morning I’m boiling mad and deeply concerned for my younger brother, who is in a tough situation where his competency is being questioned and undermined just because he’s a sweet, gentle, caring soul who doesn’t like to lord it over others. BTW, this situation is coming from a secular school. He’s not the only man like that. It’s time we STOP this headship, this gender madness thing and realize that men and women are equal and that each has their unique gifts and callings.


    • In my book and also on this blog, I have called them bullies. Pulpit bullies, and in my book schoolyard bullies. That is exactly what they are. They allow no middle ground – either boys and men are domineering or they are passive. That is their belief. Many men and boys fit neither classification. These are what I call normal, but what they deem to be sissies.

      > Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013 14:22:23 +0000 > To: >


    • tommy9999 says:

      Katia: I agree it is way past time for this gender madness to come to an end. I just think all of us that take a public stand against it must realize up front the heavy price we will pay. This male headship is deeply entrenched and people have seen the destruction of people’s lives right in front of them and many are afraid to speak out.


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