Testing women’s strength

Women are now allowed in military combat. Of course some don’t like it and the argument goes on. “ A woman in combat can’t be trusted to protect her fellow soldiers.” Apparently she is unfit to be a combat soldier because she is too small, or too something.

Somebody should have told our pioneer daughters and mothers that.

I read a story recently about immigrant women and their families who had joined the Mormon trek to Utah. Each family had to push a cart. No animals were available or allowed to pull the carts. Only the strength of men and women the entire 1,350 miles. They put their belongings on the cart which could carry 250 pounds or more, according to Wikipedia. Now you know that a young woman in those days was either pregnant or had a small baby to carry. Women with a baby in her womb and one in her arms had to push, too. Some men were doubly helped by the one or more wives and children who helped them push those badly constructed carts through mud, sleet and snow.

The Mormon website says this:  The Mormons went on to convert and recruit settlers from Europe who continued the flow westward along the trail. An amazing part of the story concerns the roughly 3,000 Handcart Pioneers who during the 1850s walked from Iowa City to Utah (1,350 miles) pulling handcarts because they were too poor to afford ox-drawn wagons. Read more.  

Husbands fell by the wayside. Women got sick and died. Whoever was left alive, or barely alive, had to push or be left behind. So women pushed the carts, helping their husbands because no matter how strong a man is, he cannot do the work all alone.

Did you know that women have been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001 and only last year the military realized that their bodies were shaped differently?

Christianity Today reports that:

Yet, it was not until last fall that the Army finally developed specialized body armor for women, with curves to fit better around breasts and hips. The standard armor, designed for men, was uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe for women, leaving gaps between their body and the Kevlar plates. Read more.

I received a comment from a fellow regarding women preachers. He says women are damned if they pastor a church. I am afraid God will have to stand in line. We are doing a pretty good job of damming them ourselves.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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8 Responses to Testing women’s strength

  1. Mara says:

    Finally got to this post after reading over-the-top stupid comments from insecure, self-righteous, self-deluded infant-men who get weak in the knees and lose bladder control in the presence of strong women.

    I thank God for the men in my life who actually are men, strong and secure.
    I thank God for MY pioneer and Viking heritage that acknowledged AND VALUED the strength of their women. I thank God for my dad, my husband, my brother, my brother-in-laws, my cousins, and my sons, the men in my church, who embrace and love my strength and see it as an asset and not as something that should be shot down and trampled on.
    These infant-men commentors that have come to your blog, Shirley, they are exhausting with their whinning, mealy-mouthed dibble, trying to shut down God’s work in women with their baseless shaming and gross manipulation tactics.
    I hope they find something else to do with their need to hurt and hate women because seeing their comments makes wonder if there are any other good, strong, secure Christian men out their besides the ones I know personally.


  2. Jettboy says:

    “self-deluded infant-men who get weak in the knees and lose bladder control in the presence of strong women.”

    Don’t make me laugh. I married a strong and smart lady. We simply believe that women in combat and doing priesthood work is a disgrace to God given talents and roles. Feminism is a satanic philosophy created to confuse the masses and condemn the human family to Hell.


    • Welcome. We are glad you joined us as we always ready to hear your side of God. You have no scriptures to back up what you said. How can feminism condemn the human family to hell? From what I hear, it is men with your beliefs who condemn women to hell. In fact, the man who commented just before you did, did just that. He said “God never called woman to Pastor all who do so are gambling with their souls they need to repent or suffer damnation please it’s not Worth loosing your soul.”

      I really wish both of you would give me scripture and verse where you get your information. I’ll be waiting for it.

      I just asked my husband of 51 years where it was found in the Bible and he said he had never seen it either.


      • Feminism is the opposite of masculinity. Period. So when people like jettboy denigrate feminism, that is just one more way of them saying that God made males superior and females inferior.

        If I, a woman, cannot be feminine, then praytell, what am I supposed to be?


    • Mara says:

      FYI, Jettboy.
      Since you have a woeful lack of historical knowledge concerning the root of feminism due to swallowing the propaganda “Kool-Aide” of spin meisters who are on a modern day witch/Jezebel hunt, let me educate you. Or better yet, l’ll let my Pro-life, home schooling mom friend teach you and bring you up-to-date out of the masculinist fog your shoddy teachers have perpetuated against your soul.



      • Mara says:

        I’m sure you and I agree that third wave feminism is a bad thing. Where we differ is that you think the third wave represents everything that is and ever was concerning feminism. I just know that the third wave hijacked the original purpose of first wave feminism which was pro-life, pro-family, and anti-tyranny.


    • Mara says:

      I guess Jettboy was just a hit and run troll. He sure as heck doesn’t want to deal in facts or the truth. He just wants to make sweeping and unsupportable statements about feminism that are based on propaganda and masculinist theology rather than face the possibility that perhaps what he has been taught might not be 100% true.
      I’m disappointed. I had hoped for a bit more dialogue, with or without the snark.


  3. Shirley, you’re so right. I’ve been reading on a popular complementarian website, and you would think the world was coming to an end! They think that allowing women (who have been in combat since the advent of modern anti-terrorist warfare, where there is no real “front” and no way to keep out of harm’s way) to receive combat pay and full recognition of their sacrifice, is a moral collapse on the part of the US. I find myself wondering how much this is related to the fact that combat experience is required for the highest ranks in the military and that this clears women to eventually become brigadier-generals.

    “No real man would allow his wife or daughter in combat!” the blog insisted. I couldn’t help but think that “allow” and “forbid” really shouldn’t apply to the way we relate to other adult human beings.


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