The book is written to Dethrone Male Headship

Erma Bombeck said that on the day her son got married, she wanted to run down the aisle to him and tell him things that he needed to know that she had not even thought of until the moment he was leaving and starting his own family. It was almost too late – but if she ran down the aisle there might be time to add a few more words of wisdom to help him down the road ahead.

That is the way I feel tonight.

My book has just been sent to the publishers.  I have worked day and night thinking about it, and working on it.  I have discovered things that I had no idea were in the Bible.  I have moved paragraphs to a place below, and then moved it into another whole different chapter. I have added sentences and deleted sentences. I have deleted words (mostly “that”) and added words.  “Write more” my editor would say.  Finally I told this wonderful woman that I really prefer to leave people guessing. I have relished the sound of certain sentences, and cringed at others when I read them cold.

My editor wrote this to me yesterday when she finished editing my book:

I thought I had delved the depth of doctrine surrounding women, but you brought out some powerful angles that most folks don’t talk about.  You even brought in more angles via Jesus’s ministry than I had heard elsewhere.

But like Erma, after I hit the ‘send’ button, I wanted to run after it, check a phrase here, change a word there. But also like her, I am not running after it.  It is time for the book to be on its own.  What has been said, has been said. The mistakes that I am sure are still in it will be caught by the publisher, I hope.

Thank you all who have helped me and who have continued to read my blog.  You are a source of strength for me, and I have learned so much from you.

My challenge to all of you today is to get ready to read “Dethroning Male Headship – because it doesn’t have a leg to stand on.” Tell your friends to be looking for it in the spring.

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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13 Responses to The book is written to Dethrone Male Headship

  1. Mabel says:

    Will be waiting for it!!!


  2. kbonikowsky says:

    I can’t wait to get it. What an accomplishment! I hope you can enjoy your holidays knowing its out of your hands… you can relax. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into empowering the women in the church. Merry Christmas!


  3. krwordgazer says:

    Good for you, Shirley! I wish the book all success.


  4. geraldfordcounsel says:

    Good news about the book


  5. Leigh Newton says:

    I, for one, am incredibly proud of you. Your voice is one of a multitude of voices coming together to ensure that women’s equality is found in churches all around the world.


  6. tommy9999 says:


    Congratulations! I am praying that it will change the hearts and minds of many people.


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