The Calvary has come!

I am with Pam. It is time to speak up. It is time to take action. Just like her, I am tired of blogs, and more blogs about what women can do in church, or more likely, what they can’t do. Underneath these blogs are those who come out of the woodwork to add their comments of why women can’t do this or that.  I am tired of these underground rats. They write spiteful words, quoting the Bible to justify keeping women in the place they have decided we belong.

“I am coming more to a place of activism that perceives that women remain subjugated in the modern evangelical and post-evangelical movement simply because we allow it to be. We are part of the problem. I am. You are, too, if you have ever kept quiet out of shame or fear or confusion.
I made a decision several years ago to never be quiet again. I will speak up when I see or hear inequity against my sisters or myself in the Church that I love and respect. She is too gorgeous of an expression of the life of Jesus to be muddied up with something like sexism. It is wrong. Wrong to tell women that they can’t pastor or teach or be elders or theologians simply because they are female. It is wrong and unjust”

We’ve put up with it too long. Just what will it take for us to say ENOUGH! How many blogs, how many times do we have to defend ourselves? How many times do we have to prove that we are full heirs of God, created equal, with equal opportunities and responsibilities?

No roles hold us down. We can nurse a baby, and preach the gospel.  Probably best not to do it the same time, but our bodies don’t hold us down!

No roles can define who we are as women, because we are so much more than a role.  We are spiritual human beings, priests before the Lord.

No one will come to our rescue.  We look to the hills, from whence cometh our help? There are no cavalry riders coming over the hill to our rescue.  It is up to us to win this battle.

But wait! We are looking for the wrong calvary. Calvary has already come to our rescue.  Now let’s act like it.

Will you join me and Pam, Mabel and Ann, and a host of others who are in this struggle for women’s freedom in church? What does it take? I don’t know what God has for you to do.  I didn’t know what he had for me to do until he called, and I had to get up and go and leave my church. We all have something we can do. Being willing to do that part is the first step.

Will you join us?

(thanks to my new subscribers!  Thank you so much.)


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to The Calvary has come!

  1. Katia says:

    “We can nurse a baby and preach the gospel” reminds me of my cousin’s wedding where the minister was nine months pregnant and due to deliver any day. She officiated the wedding very well, and I’m not sure when she had the baby, only that my cousin and his wife had a backup minister just in case she went into labor before the wedding.

    As for me, I can’t shut up about women’s equality. I deal with the results of the complementarian lies every day, and it makes me more passionate than ever to use those experiences to set others free from them.


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