Lilly Ledbetter

In the debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, the president mentioned signing the Lilly Ledbetter Law.

Lilly Ledbetter was a woman who lived in Alabama and went to work for Goodyear Tire plant.  She got into management where few people were able to do.  In 1998, someone gave her a note that said that the male managers doing the same work that she did, were earning thousands of dollars per year more.

1998! This was still happening in 1998!

Then the Supreme Court said that since she did not file a complaint in the 180 days after she received that first paycheck that was less than a man’s, she lost her case.  There was no way she had of knowing that was making less than the men were. But that was no excuse. She lost.

Lilly talks about her early years as a complementarian wife.  She didn’t know she was in a complementarian marriage, but that is how she describes her marriage with her husband. They went to their Baptist church four times a week, and her husband was a deacon.

After many trips to the doctor with her kids, and for herself, her doctor asked her what was wrong at home. Then he said “In my experience, if it’s not job troubles, then it’s one of two things. You’re dealing with either an alcoholic or a religious fanatic.”  It wasn’t alcoholism.

Women have suffered.  Will you join with me in helping women?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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12 Responses to Lilly Ledbetter

  1. krwordgazer says:

    In Lilly’s case, a law was passed to make sure what happened to her didn’t happen to other women. In our churches, no equivalent policy changes usually result from a gross miscarriage of justice to a woman; instead, it is swept under the carpet.


  2. Mabel says:

    swept under the carpet because no-one complains. Everyone thought that’s normal. No-one sought to open their eyes. The unity card is used to benefit those in power and suppress those voicing another view point.


  3. Mara says:

    Lilly Ledbetter? That’s her real name?
    At first I thought that was a name of a made up character talking about women who are comps and are led better by their husbands.
    I’m saddened to hear that she’s real and that this actually happened to her by men who didn’t lead better but rather led very, very poorly.


  4. Equal pay for Equal work is just common sense.

    In the realm that I understand that she was in? You also have to factor in experience, education, gifts, etc. She had all that! She was MORE than qualified for what she was asking for. The only thing missing is her third leg. (ahem – sorry)

    That’s discrimination pure and simple.


  5. Mabel says:

    Wonder if that happens in the Church where we are supposedly letting the Holy Spirit reign, and where we are supposedly serving each other.


  6. Wow, didn’t know Lilly Ledbetter was in a complementarian marriage. And also, just to let folks know. The Lilly Ledbetter law does not guarentee equal pay, it only guarentees that women can sue if they find out they are not getting equal pay. And states are still refusing to pass equal pay laws (FL) or striking down equal pay laws that are already in place (WI). That is why we need to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. American women still do not enjoy the same level of constitutional protection as American men (who are specifically declared in our constitution to be “equal”).


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