Open season on women

BBC (Big Baptist Church) is getting ready to host another Men’s Power Breakfast where men are helped along in this journey of ‘having the most responsibility of leadership in the home and in the workplace.’  Some, but not all of their speakers are Christian, and the latest man fest will have a speaker on Mormonism.

What you won’t find at this men-gathering is a speaker who will stand up for women when some so-called celebrity says the most filthy, outrageous things against Janna Ryan, wife of Paul Ryan (vice-president candidate) or Ann Romney, who is a Mormon, and is the wife of Mitt Romney (presidential candidate).

Michelle Malkin speaks up in “Meet Nickelodeon’s trash-mouthed misogynist” column which I first saw in my local newspaper. You can read what she said here.  She goes on to say that Megyn Kelly broke the news on her show on September 4.  These two women have spoken up against Jason Biggs and his filthy rantings against these women.

I didn’t see any columns by men speaking up against such foul-speaking bullies.  Not only in this case, but in many other cases, men have chosen to remain silent while the women in their lives are called awful names, and while women are abused, and while churches continue this abuse by not allowing women to be whole.

I guess some of these men are still peeved because women decided that having a door opened for them was not half as important as receiving the same salary as their men co-workers got for the same job.

I guess that as long as women want the same privileges as a man, then it is up to her to speak up against all societies’ foul-mouths.

I guess that since some women also use that same language, then it is ok to use that vulgarity against all women.

You notice they didn’t use this kind of language against the men.  I wonder why?  Don’t men have body parts, too, that can be used in a joke?

When BBC has their speaker ‘explaining’ Mormonism, will they also demand that men who degrade the Mormon candidate’s wife be held accountable?

Don’t hold your breath.

Its tough to speak out.  There is so much to speak out against, we would be yelling all the time.  Women don’t want to do that. But it is open-season on women, and the church keeps silent.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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