Do as we say, not as we do

This is Memorial Day and many men and women have lost their lives in the past ten years in our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. My heart breaks for their parents, their families, and for their siblings.  Both men and women have been killed or severely injured in this war, which began as a war for our own freedoms, but which became a war to offer freedoms to the Afghans, and Iraqis.

Our sons and daughters have been fighting to obtain and maintain freedom for women in a culture that denies women dignity. It is generally thought that when we leave, women will again lose their fragile hold on civility.  As it is, young girls still face obstacles to get to school all in one piece, and the restrictions on them are tremendously great.  The gains we have fought for will be lost.

We don’t cover our women from head to toe in America because of religious beliefs. But we do in our churches.  We demand that they be ‘covered’ by a male when women teach men.  Beth Moore is reported to have said that she is covered by her husband and her pastor, and thus if some man happens to come into her presence when she is teaching the word of God, she is not asserting authority over him, but is doing what is allowed by this male covering.

I guess we could call it “the Christian burqa.”

Today as we remember those who gave their lives for other women’s freedoms in a country that seeks to deny them the basic necessities of life – health care, education, the right to earn a living – let us not forget that we have a long way to go in our own cities, as is evidenced by our restrictive churches.

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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9 Responses to Do as we say, not as we do

  1. tommy9999 says:

    Shirley: I want to know which Bible verse the FUNDAMENTALIST in the SBC use for this fairy tale of covering. It is a pure fantasy and shows the degree to which these guys will go to have their cake and eat it too.


    • Well, of course there is no scripture that says that. It is a made-up theology which allows women to do some things, because women have always done things in the church, and I guess they wanted to explain how women get to be Beth Moores. Read this from First Baptist Malvern and you will see the lengths they go to explain it.

      Now read my post called “Male Covering-Hogwash” published on July 9, 2010.

      However, I know that years ago Pentecosts could not have a television in their homes (it was a sin), BUT if the husband was not Pentecostal, and bought a television, then they could have it. I also know (2 examples) of the husband dying and the television staying.

      I also know that Dr. Criswell (Dallas) allowed his wife to teach a mixed Sunday School class under his covering, and when he died, noboby told Mrs. Criswell that she had to stop teaching the class. (Baptists)


      • tommy9999 says:


        I noticed at Malvern in the explanation of this fairy tail of covering that the word feminisim had to be used. I know these folks mean this like a curse word to demonize any woman who would dare to disagree. What would be the appropriate curse word for those men that mutitlate the interpreation of the Holy Scripture?


      • You know they can be called masculine, but they have sullied the female word, feminine. We call them restrictionist complementarians.


  2. Mabel says:

    call them sexists. or, gender caste advocates.


  3. krwordgazer says:

    “Masculinists” is closest to “feminists” semantically. But as far as emotional impact goes, I think “male supremacists” fits the bill.


  4. KC says:

    Oh, my, as a single woman that Malvern Baptist link made me groan! So a married woman is “covered” by an imperfect male, but a single woman is “covered” by God? What woman in her right mind would want to get married under those conditions?
    The headship doctrine is nonsense because scripture is clear that there is no hierarchy in the body of Christ, aside from everyone being under Christ. A head cannot operate effectively without the rest of the body….and one of the most crucial components to a healthy head is a healthy gut, one of the least “comely” parts of the body.


    • I like what you said. Dr. Al Mohler is worried about why more men and women are not getting married. (Read my post “Who will crown him king?” This might be the reason women are not eager to get married. If they subscribe to the complementarian theory, they lose their personhood.


      • KC says:

        I read the blog post you mentioned. Of course complementarians are going to do everything they can to discourage and dismiss singleness. It disproves everything they teach about gender roles. I became an egalitarian when I asked God two years ago to either bring me a husband or make me be content to be single. He gave me contentment as a single AND freedom as a Christian woman 🙂


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