Until all women are equal in church, none are

Whenever anyone speaks about women’s equality, the first thing you hear is “I don’t want any women preachers.”  Then comes the connection that is fostered upon people, and is not found anywhere in the Bible, linking women with homosexuals.

But the main focus on women’s equality is not women preachers, it is not even women deacons.  When I started my ministry, all I wanted was for churches to allow women to be deacons.

A deacon!  That’s all.  I have come to realize that equal means equal, and there is no limit to what women can do in service to God and in her church.

How often do you tell your daughter that she is inferior to your son?  You tell her that every time you take her to church where she cannot be a deacon.  Or a pastor – but you will gladly ship her off overseas to some foreign land where she can be a ‘missionary.’

Is ‘missionary’ less than being a deacon in the church?  Who decided that being a deacon is the second highest calling, next to pastor, that a church can have?

We pray for our missionaries, we have Women’s Missionary Union (WMU), and we allow girls to go to the mission field for two year stints, and we allow them to go for longer. We allow unmarried women to go to the mission field.

Who decided that the mission field can have women who are not ‘qualified’ to be deacons (the second highest office in Baptist churches) but who can be ‘qualified’ to be a missionary?

We swallow camels and strain gnats.  Our bellies are full of camels.

Until every girl and every woman sitting in a church pew can serve as God calls her, or even as churches call deacons, then no woman is equal in your church.

When you walk into the church door, you are telling your girls and your wife, that all men, any man, is superior in God’s and the church’s eyes, to her.

Is that what you want for your family?

As Molly Brown said in “Titanic” movie as the women in the lifeboats refused to go looking or survivors: “These are your men out there! Don’t you want to go back and save them?” Men, these are your wives, your daughters, your sisters out there, trying to survive in the cold waters of their church.  Don’t you want to help them?

If you are ready to see your wife, your daughter, your sister be all that she can be in her church, join us at the CBE Houston Conference on April 27-28, 2012.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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4 Responses to Until all women are equal in church, none are

  1. “Men, these are your wives, your daughters, your sisters out there. Don’t you want to help them?”
    We reckon that it is time that the good men stood up and were counted in supporting women. Without pastoral women in leadership our churches are boys’ clubs and will remain unsafe places.
    You may wish to add OWN to your blogroll http://www.thecreatorstapestry.com/2011/12/lcms-own/


    • I added that to my blogroll. It is called “Ordain Women Now.” At this conference we will be introducing a way that everyone can be involved in the women’s equality effort. I hope you will be a part of this initiative that we will be promoting. More details will be forthcoming.

      I want to welcome my new subscribers. Thank you all so very much for walking this journey with me.


  2. gemmie says:

    This was so beautiful to read. Thank you. My problem isnt that i want a position of leadership at chuch, it’s because i am a highly trained professional woman seeking equality in my workplace – my feminism is looked down on by the church. This blog is so uplifting for me when i feel like being a christian and being a feminist are mutually exclusive. Thank you.
    Ps id love to come to the conference but im in australia . . .


    • Welcome! Thanks for joining us. We have reached people in Australia and find that there is a hunger for women’s equality there, too. Let us link hands across this world with women who just want to be recognized as equals in the eyes of the church. God gave us that equality. We have to claim it. It is already there.

      There is something that you can do in Australia. We will be introducing a simple plan of action at this conference, and we welcome you to join us. As all my readers know, this blog is not about complaining, and staying in this downtrodden rut. This blog is about action, and taking control of the situation and doing something about it.

      You have uplifted me. Thank you so much for your comment.


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