Is equality a joking matter?

“We need to not try to fix everything. Sometimes our human effort does nothing but make the situation worse.  Just ask the dead engineer,” joked the pastor of BBC (Big Baptist Church). Of course if Martin Luther hadn’t fixed something, that pastor would be saying Mass next Sunday at BCC.

Last week he said flatly that the Bible says that women are to follow the leadership of their husbands.

He apparently still has a burr under his saddle because Monday he was bucking again. This time he told the story of mischievous boys who glued pages of the Bible together and the pastor read “Noah took unto himself a wife, (turned the page) and she was three hundred cubits long, and fifty cubits wide.”  Funny, isn’t it, until you get to the part where he says that sometimes the Bible is taken out of context, and used for impure motives.

I declare, I’m beginning to feel a bit of paranoia coming on.  

Back to the dead engineer.  The joke was that a priest and a lawyer and engineer were to be executed by the guillotine. The guillotine failed to work when first the priest was to be executed and then when the lawyer was to be executed.  The engineer ‘fixed’ the problem and the guillotine fell down on his head and he was executed, because some things don’t need to be fixed.   On that cheerful note, I sent this pastor an invitation to our conference.

Women should not have to live in fear of their church.  Power has become more important than Jesus. Pastors have lost sight of Jesus, and have ignored the message Jesus gave.  Remember what Jesus told the Pharisees about their not working on the Sabbath.  Jesus said  people were more important than the law.  “Go ahead and heal the sick, even if it is on a Sabbath.”  “Feed the hungry, even if you have to use your hands to do so.” 

Look how many times Jesus showed that women were more important than the law.

Jesus has become blurred in their desire to maintain this control.  They claim it is their love of the scriptures that makes them speak out against women.  The Pharisees made that same claim, and Jesus didn’t buy it.  Wonder if he buys the modern day Pharisees’ pious claims?

Women do not want power.  All we want is the acknowledgement that God created us to be all that He gifts us to be.

Congregations are brainwashed into thinking that women have to submit to their husbands.  Women are willing to remain a secondary figure.  The minute they step inside the door, or go to their church’s website, women are told they are not as good as their husbands.

We are bullied by pastors, and by church members.  We are labeled a heretic, even though the heretic are the one who claims that men are Christ substitutes in a marriage.

Join me at the CBE Houston conference where we will learn how men and women can be scripturally correct in serving in churches together. Join me in speaking out for the equality that God gave us at birth.

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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6 Responses to Is equality a joking matter?

  1. Anne says:

    Agreed. Jesus placed women above the law. Look at what he said about divorce, and how he saved an adulteress from death. Women were the main characters in many of his parables and he once did something really shocking with a woman – he spoke to her in public. A Samaritan woman, no less! Considering the culture of the time Jesus treated women with genuine respect, dignity and equality. He taught Mary and Martha when “The Law” said they weren’t supposed to learn Scripture. It touches me in my heart when I read how he told Martha to actually get OUT of the kitchen and learn more about the kingdom. Anything the men had, Jesus DIDN’T withhold from women. And he chastised the twelve if they complained. Example: when Jesus told the Pharisees that God didn’t initially plan for divorce, and that they should stick with their first wife, the disciples grumbled “If that is the case, why get married at all?” Jesus quickly responded with “Marriage takes maturity and not everyone is mature enough to do it right.” *BAM*

    Fast forward 2000 years later and some men are still having trouble getting to grips with Christ’s attitude. Instead of inviting women to learn about God they tell them that their “kingdom” is the kitchen and that their husband talks to God on their behalf. Instead of telling women to preach the gospel they tell them to sit down and stay quiet. A man can divorce a “rebellious” wife but the wife can’t divorce her abusive husband because God hates divorce (apparently). They say that God made himself “masculine”, he prefers men (hence why all the disciples were male), that Christianity is a “masculine” religion, God put men in charge over women, and above all, women should be happy with it.

    It’s crazy. It’s breaking REAL biblical laws left right and centre. But these guys think they are on the One True Path To Righteousness by making sure them them evil wimmins don’t take over men (because they totally would if they could) and maintaining “God’s Plan” of a world where one half of the population trumps the other.

    GAH!!! *headdesk*


    • Anne says:

      Sorry, scratch the “considering the culture of the time”. I was going to write something else but changed it to what is up there. Jesus treated women with respect, dignity and equality, period. Cultural context is irrelevant.


  2. Sarah Behan says:

    Hi Shirley,

    I stumbled across your blog through an article I was reading. I was interested to learn more about you.

    I don’t normally comment on blogs I don’t know well, but I just felt I wanted to add my cents worth and I hope that’s okay. If you go to my blog, I think you might be repulsed. I think I am the kind of woman you dislike because I work predominantly at home and I willingly submit to my husband. You probably will think I am a doormat with a Bad Ogre of a husband, who pushes me around and treats me like he owes me. And you must think I go to a church that does the same thing.

    The only reason I say these things is because it seems you think all women who want to submit to their husbands are, basically, weak and wounded idiots. Thats tough. It’s not a nice thing to blow your own trumpet, but I know I am intelligent. I’m very capable and skilled and talented, and my husband pushes me to do things that grows my God-given talents. He’s faithful, strong, a good provider, a lover of the Word, and a great head of house. Does he think women are inferior? No. Does he have a mother who was pushed around by a domineering father? No, not at all! I love my husband and I love following his lead and being under his protection.

    Do I come from a family that was an example of headship and submission? Yes, but my mum was the head and my father the one who submitted. Their marriage failed.

    My heart rebelled when I saw the word submission as a new Christian. I only understood it from what I’d grown up with. But then I learned that it basically meant “to follow the lead”. Well, we follow the lead of others in other things in life, so why not marriage? And I saw, in Genesis, that women are men’s helpers. So, when I read Ephesians, it just made sense. And then, I saw the enormous responsibility placed on the husbands – that they’re to die and give up of themselves for their wives and that my spiritual health will be his responsibility on the end day – I was awed by that. Following the lead of your husband is nothing compared to the weight of judgement for another’s spiritual health.

    I know that you won’t agree with anything I say, and I’m okay with that. Feel free to bite me up and pull my words to pieces! I know you’ll think me brainwashed, and I’m okay with that, too. I hope that you have considered that you could be also. And, I also hope that, whatever hurts or injustices or sins that have been committed against you that causes you to be so repelled against the idea of headship and submission, you can find healing for that in Christ. I believe it’s Biblical, but even if it wasn’t, why does it make you so angry? If other marriages work really well in that, and are beating the current cultural odds, then why fight it? Isn’t there freedom in Christ?

    I hope you come to see that we’re not all silly, weak and fragile doormats.

    In grace,



    • Sarah-Anne, Welcome! I am glad you found my blog. I am so sorry that you have not found the time to read it yet. If you had, you would know that I have never said those kind of things against women who submit. If you want to submit, that is your business.

      What I do speak out against is the misinterpretation of those scriptures to tell all women that they must submit to husbands – not because they choose to, but because they are forced to do so by the threat “the Bible says so.”

      “that they’re to die and give up of themselves for their wives and that my spiritual health will be his responsibility on the end day”

      I speak out against the interpretation that you use to give husbands a god-like spiritual authority over you. You have just elevated your husband, and ALL husbands, to have authority over your soul, or their wives soul. Why did Jesus die for you? We’re celebrating Easter – the death of the savior, and you have minimized Him by giving your HUSBAND the same power that Christ has.

      God bless you.


  3. Hi Shirley,

    Thanks for your quick response! My thoughts were mainly from the thread I came across about complementarian marriages. From your post above, particularly about the brainwashing, I felt I was being victimised for something that I choose with a clear mind, heart and will. I am so glad we have freedom in Christ.

    What I would really love to know is how you interpret Ephesians 5:21-33. You know it well, I’m sure, so I won’t post it. To me, it seems self-explanatory: there is an order on earth that has it’s perfect fulfilment in Christ. We may not like it, but it’s there, as night as day. I’m sorry if you interpreted my words like my salvation comes from my husband! That’s not what I meant at all. I am a Christian through and through because, and only because, of the blood of Christ and His grace alone. Paul knew that, too. He doesn’t seem to be saying that. He’s just saying that marriage – not a woman’s salvation – is a picture of Christ and His church…No marriage is perfect, and each will fail in their given roles, but the ultimate marriage between Christ and His Church is perfect and we should strive for that. Marriage is an earthly reflection of that, a means by which we grow in Christ.

    This means that my husband by no means has the same power as Christ! If one cannot see past that then that’s really unfortunate. I know my husband and I stand before Jesus equal in worth, dignity, inheritance and love. But I also know we were made differently and have different roles to play. I don’t feel inadequate or misused or threatened by that.

    But, at the end of the day, you and I are sisters in the Lord. I’m thankful for that. God allows differences in understanding His Word for such discussions as these! It helps stretch why we believe what we believe. I know that headship and submission is not a salvation issue, and I’m sure oneday, we will both meet each other in Heaven! Hopefully then, you and I will both understand each other’s hearts and the reasons why we lean towards one way of thinking about the Bible and not the other. I really wish you well and hope God blesses you on your journey.

    Many blessings from New Zealand,


    • Sarah-Anne, I said that congregations are brainwashed into thinking that women have to submit to their husbands. Yesterday a dear friend told me that she was dismissed from the staff position of her church when a new pastor came in. She had been there 12 years, and the new pastor brought in his all-male team and did not want a woman on the staff in a paid job.

      Now, you know that this pastor who has worked in the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention, will lead (brainwash) his congregation to his way of thinking. The pastor’s wife said that her husband the pastor, does not mind how much she works in the church “if she has her chores done.”

      I wonder if he has to have his “chores done” before he goes to work.


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