Where the Piper leads

John Piper is right, of course.   Christianity does have a masculine feel to it.

This is the hot topic right now but it gives far too much weight to anything that John Piper says.  He throws things out there and many jump in line and march with him, while others immediately jump on top of it because it is so absurd.

I think he is playing a game with us.  Let’s see.  What new outrageous thing can I say today that will get everybody all stirred up and get my serfs all lined up behind me?

If the Pied Piper is not playing games with us, then he is a big time male chauvinist.   However, we have to cede this point to him.  Christianity does have a male feel to it. You can list the male leadership roles as well as I can but I won’t do it today because I get tired of the litany.

He is right that it does, but he is wrong in telling us that it should always be.

That is where Rev Piper leads us astray.  There would have been no need for Jesus if the way things were being done, is the way they were supposed to be done.  So we need to tell John Piper that same thing.  Just because it looks like we want it to look, does not mean that we should still be marching to that tune.

Piper brings up what he claims are male attributes in the way that God deals with us.  He sees God’s leadership as being male.  Good grief, Piper! Haven’t you read Matthew 23:37 “How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling.” Have you ever seen a rooster gather chicks under his wing?

Christianity has a masculine feel because we ignore the female side of God, who is a spirit and neither male nor female.

He says:  “It’s the feel of a great, majestic God, who by his redeeming work in Jesus Christ, inclines men to take humble, Christ-exalting initiative, and inclines women to come alongside the men with joyful support, intelligent helpfulness, and fruitful partnership in the work.”

What nonsense.  

What is the humble, Christ-exalting initiative that men take?  There is nothing humble about telling women that men are the big he-man leaders – like Christ, no less – while the women are their sideline helpers. That is humble? Admitting that women are equal would be humble leadership, but he is not willing to be that Christ-like.

Will you join me in falling out of the line that the Pied Piper leads, and begin speaking up for women?  Speaking up for the women who have bought into this nonsense that they are born to be less than a full spiritual human being, that they can only find their worth under the headship of a husband?

Will you speak up and tell the John Pipers that the only leader women need is God himself? Does he really think that men get to follow the real Christ while women get to follow this christ-like husband?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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13 Responses to Where the Piper leads

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  2. Katia says:

    I’ve raised chickens for over twenty years, and have never seen a rooster gather chicks under his wing. I HAVE seen mama hens act in a way John Piper would consider very ungodly for a woman by being very aggressive in defense of their chicks.

    John Piper is a piper I refuse to follow.


  3. Kristen says:

    Wow, the comments seem to be working again. Thanks, Shirley!

    I love the “Pied Piper” name. It fits, too. We need to keep our children away from this man’s teachings. They are only fit for rats. *grin*


  4. mabel says:

    I would drink to Dr. Pepper, not Dr. Piper.


  5. I would like to give you all some good news. I thought that to put this under a Piper-related post was best, because it has to do with me being in a leadership position. As you know, Piper thinks that women shouldn’t ‘have authority’ over men even in a NON-CHURCH setting.

    Well, last week I went through no less than three interview stages and ended up at the top. I was offered a position on a management training scheme, which will result in a job as a Marketing Consultant/Manager of sales teams. I would like to tell Piper that if it’s ungodly for me to be in such a position, why would I have gotten there? Surely God would have let the role go to someone else, someone male. The competition was pretty fierce. All I was doing was answering the questions honestly. And yet here I am! Praise God!



    • Great! We love good news. Congratulations on your new position. I felt that God gave me every job that I ever had. I will admit, the last two jobs I realized that I was the answer to their prayer, because both pastors told me they had prayed for the right person. And God sent me. I thank God for you and for your job. Thanks for sharing this with us.


      • Thanks Shirley. I find that news like this is encouraging for our cause. No matter what men like Piper and Baucham have deluded themselves with, God picks leaders based on their qualities, not their gender. God is good to His girls! 🙂

        (For the record, this is Anne here. ‘sunnysombrera’ is my WordPress account name, which is what will show up now that I have to log in to reply).


      • Yes, I knew that was you! God bless!


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    • Welcome! Thank you for joining us. I encourage everyone to read your blog http://meoverseas.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/a-call-to-the-men-on-the-sidelines/

      In it you tell men “Thank you for seeing the women around you not just as equals, but as valued partners and co-laborers. Thank you for giving up your life to something bigger. Thank you for filling your lives with the pain of others in order to fill theirs with the love you have in yours. I want to see a day when men and women stand together, strong in Christ. I believe it can happen; I believe it will happen. And oh, it will be a glorious sight.”

      Please accept my thanks to you for writing this.


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