Look who’s doing the exploitation

The Baptist Standard ran a story about sex trafficking of young girls.  While young boys are also abused, it is mostly the girls.  Recently there has been much talk about this and various groups have discussed it.  They focus on the exploitation of young girls and boys.  But what they are not saying is who is doing the exploitation.  

For instance, if you have 10 girls under the age of 16 on the street selling their bodies, that doesn’t equate to 10 males.  One male cannot support one female or young boy on the street.  I don’t know how many it takes, but you can be sure that for every youngster on the street selling his or her body, there are multiple males who are buying.

Males make up 95 percent of the prisoners in Texas.  Males start the wars, males are responsible for most of the killing of women and children. Males use the services of prostitutes.

I listened to the Mark Driscoll interview found on the website of Pastor Jonathan Martin.  Mark Driscoll speaks “boldly” about sexual issues and this interview was prompted by his book on sex and marriage.  He and Ed Young, Jr., a Southern Baptist pastor of several off campus churches of his megachurch in the Dallas area, are on the forefront of bringing the bedroom into the church house. A year or so ago, Ed Young, Jr literally brought a bed onto the stage and he and his wife were on the bed in front of the whole congregation.

Dr Young, Jr. is currently promoting a series on sex for married couples.  He calls it sexperiment.

This is voyeurism, folks.  These pastors have forsaken the gospel and are parading themselves and their wives onto a national stage of sexuality.  A man who loves his wife will not parade her out onto a bed for the men in the audience to visualize. She is being exploited, much like the young women sold on the streets.  Like many of those young women, she cannot say ‘no.’

Remember that these wives, much like the pimped prostitutes, do not have any say in the matter.  They are submissive wives and when their husbands tell them to do that because he is her spiritual head and leader, she must do it.  He may also throw in the fact that the private planes, luxury vacations, fine clothes and jewelry, and the good life may also go down the drain if he can’t keep titillating his congregation with something new and outrageous.

In his interview, Mark Driscoll makes fun of women preachers.  I doubt seriously that any woman preacher would engage in such sexual exploitation of her husband.  Mark Driscoll didn’t put his wife out on the bed as Ed Young, Jr, did, but he put her down as being equal-but, and built up these men in his church as being the head of the women.  While not specifically saying that there were men in his church who engaged in various pornography, he says he councils men on this subject, which he is graphic about.

Both these pastors tell men that they are lord over their wives (the husband is the head of the wife) but that they must not lord it over them.  What do you think these men who are into pornography, bought sex, and without a history of knowing Christ, hear?  They hear exactly what the pastor wants them to hear – their wives were created to serve them, because women are not favored by God enough to even be a deacon. Then they are apt to take it to another level, one of abuse and sexual exploitation.  After all, one of these pastors is sexually exploiting his wife on stage in front of the entire congregation.

Exploitation of women is society and church approved.  It is approved by pastors who bring the bedroom into the church house.  It is approved in the churches where women are told that ANY KIND of husband is to be her leader and she is to submit to him.  It is approved in churches where certain offices are withheld from women on the basis that they are women and God doesn’t allow women to serve in those hallowed offices.   Don’t blame Eve.  The Adams of the world need to keep their fig leaves stitched.

The preachers themselves are exploiting women, in particular their own wives, through the antics of the husbands who bring sex into the conversation with the public. 

How can they expect to keep women from being demeaned when they hold the bible over women’s heads and tell women that they were created to have men control them?

Will you pray for a great awakening and getting off the bed and out of the bedroom for these pastors who continue to demean all women by denying them full fellowship within the church, and who demean their wives in front of their congregations?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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8 Responses to Look who’s doing the exploitation

  1. Anne says:

    Oh Em Gee. Clicked on the Sexperiment link and had a look around the church site – I honestly felt a little sick. Notice the picture where they advertise the book? Look at the body language: husband is standing over his wife, with his hand on her leg – signifying dominance. She however looks like she’s doing the ‘initiating’ by pulling on his tie. Perceived message? Husbands rule over your wives, and follow this book and she’ll want to give you the sex that you normally have to nag and demand from her.

    I also saw the page advertising the ‘manly romps’ for the ‘Men of the House’.


    • Anne says:

      For the record I’m not saying that the book promotes the message I gleaned from the picture. I’m sure it doesn’t. It’s just that’s how the picture came across. If you’re going to promote a better sex life, isn’t it better to use an image where both couples look like they’re having the same amount of desire/fun? And equality in the bedroom? Rather than a suggestion of “this book will turn your wife into a horny sex kitten who’ll give YOU what pleases YOU.”


  2. Mabel says:

    I never understand why Christians blindly look up to such “leaders”. What does Jesus say about leaders who lead others astray?


  3. Anne says:

    I also read some excerpts of the Brierley and Driscoll interview. Driscoll comes across as the most pompous, self-righteous, sexist, arrogant know-it-all ASS that I have ever seen in a pastor. Ever. And being a Brit, I’m not only bothered that he has such a narrow view of women in leadership, but that he also thinks British churches are weak and ‘too cowardly to speak the truth’. The pastors in my past churches spoke more truth in an hour than Driscoll has in his whole career.

    Which reminds me – can anyone answer me this? I often read or hear some American pastors saying that Christianity in the UK or Europe is ‘dead’. This is not at all true. Why is such a lie being believed? Is it because, like Driscoll said, there are no British super-wealthy, loudmouth, charismatic figures that are known the world over? Ones that own a big empire of publications and shout from rooftops their ‘controversial’ views? The most famous church figure in the UK is probably Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but he’s known for his messages of peace and love.

    I’m starting to get the impression that pastors should not have as much money and fame as Driscoll and his ilk do. Power corrupts, doncha know.


    • Excellent points! Right on. Do you have any more adjectives? (LOL) I can’t answer your question about why we think Christianity is dead in Europe, but that is the perception. You may have hit the nail on the head when you say that it is because there are no super-wealthy, loudmouth, charismatic figures that are known the world over. Does anybody else have an answer for this question. I also believe you are right about pastors being too wealthy and having too much power.


  4. Mabel says:

    On the perception of christianity being dead in Europe, one of the reasons MAYBE, Americans, as tourists, see that the big churches have become tourist attractions rather than functioning churches. Just a minor thought.


    • Anne says:

      You mean the cathedrals? Yeah, they’re pretty much historical monuments now, though there are still congregations in those places. There are plenty of churches around, though, and still bring in new believers. They just do it quietly and subtly. As for the UK, and this may be a key thing, our politicians do not make laws based on religious values. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t any Christians in government, there’s just an overall separation of church and state. Perhaps it’s this lack of Christianity in politics that also make Americans think the church is dead?


  5. Mabel says:

    Anne, come to think of it, it is one of those sayings that got circulated around. People heard it and never looked into how true or false it is. Same as church teachings. Lots of teachings are unrelated to the bible and people got it ingrained in their heads and they never bother to find out if it is true or not. I for one am very happy that churches in the UK and Europe are NOT dead but thriving. Yay!


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