Time for a change?

Today I want to tell you about three books that I haven’t read.  These books intrigue me because of their titles and what I have read and heard about them. 

The first is “Let My People Go: A Call to End the Oppression of Women in the Church.”  This book was written by Bob Edwards in 2011, and I have communicated with Bob about the book.  He told me this story about someone he knew.  She explained to me that ever since she was a little girl she has felt called to be a pastor. When playing make-believe with other children, she would always pretend that she was a pastor, and that she would be giving a sermon. When I asked her why she wasn’t pursuing this call to ministry, she explained that her denomination, friends and mentors all told her that her apparent call to Christian service was from the devil. She couldn’t be a pastor, they said, because she was a woman. My heart broke.  I had already felt called by God to research and write a book on gender roles in Christ, and this just added to my motivation. The result of my research is found in my new book.

The second book that I haven’t read is “Render unto Rome: the secret life of money in the Catholic Church” by Jason Berry.  This book follows the money from embezzlement to paying off crimes committed against children.   It is a book of men and what they have done to denigrate the name of Christ, whom they profess to love.

The third book is “Losing My Religion: How I lost my faith reporting on religion in America – and found unexpected Peace” by William Lobdell.  This man was formerly a religion reporter and started out with a faith in Christ.  Marv Knox of the Baptist Standard wrote a review of this book and I quote from him: “…his job ultimately leads him to tell stories about fraudulent faith and forces him to question his own beliefs.  …what if he had had another job? Could he have balanced clergy failure with Jesus’ faithfulness?  Christians need to read this book.”

In recent days we had a young woman quoting from the Danvers Statement in which they tell us that God cannot call a woman to preach and if she thinks God is calling her, she is being deceived. 

It is time that we allow women the opportunity to see what God will do with them in their lives.  It is time to see what God will do to bring back the love of Christ and the words of Jesus to the world.  Jesus gave the gospel to women.  The least we can do is not put up any barriers to women living out their calling.

From the stories above we can see that women can’t possibly do any worse damage to the Gospel and to the people for whom the Gospel is intended.

Will you join me as we tell the world that we need to set our women free?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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