No better because we are female – but no worse because we are not males

Somehow I got signed up for and they sent me an end of the year progress report. Two petitions were to help women that were successful.   They were:

Saudi women win three!

Saudi women activists won 3 big campaigns on in June: With the help from 3,500 people, they got charges dropped against Manal al-Sharif, who was arrested for driving a car in a country where it’s illegal for women to do so. After two more petitions targeting Hilary Clinton and Europe’s top ambassador Catherine Ashton, both spoke out forcefully in favor of giving women the right to drive (and Secretary Clinton says she only took a public stand because of the campaign)!


Wyndham steps up to stop sex trafficking in its hotels.

San Diego native Tim Rosner saw a story on CNN about a string of arrests at a local Travelodge, where gang members were pimping women against their will – with the full knowledge of the hotel’s owners. Tim was horrified, so he started a petition asking Travelodge’s parent company, Wyndham, to adopt a much more strict code of conduct and prevent sex trafficking in its hotels. After 14,000 people signed Tim’s petition, Wyndham agreed – and CNN notified Tim with a story headlined  “How one person can make a difference.”

Women are being mistreated all the world simply because they are women.  Yet our churches don’t speak out against it.  “Oh, we honor and respect the women in our church.”

Oh, yeah?

It is much like the secretary who sits at her desk while her boss tells someone “She is really the one who runs the office.”  What garbage!  If she is really the one who runs the office, then why is she sitting at her desk while you are the one going out to lunch?”

Same as in the church.  We don’t want words telling us how honored and respected we are.  We just want our birthright. Not to be put up on some kind of paper pedestal because we are women, and not held down by a concrete block because we weren’t born male.

Will you petition your church to treat women as equals – no better or no worse than others are treated.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to No better because we are female – but no worse because we are not males

  1. Kristen says:

    Yes, this kind of “bless the ladies” praise is really just a sop to get us to accept our subordinate position. And a person on a pedestal is just as unable to take any real action as a person in a prison. It’s just a little colder and windier up there, that’s all. . .


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