Thank God for Jesus!

Years ago I was watching television and wrapping Christmas gifts.  There was a tv show about what they thought was the ‘true meaning of Christmas.’  I knew they were wrong, but truthfully, I did not know the true meaning of Christmas. 

I learned what the true meaning of Christmas was a few years ago on a bus.  The Missions Division that I worked for while with the Baptist General Convention of Texas took us on a trip to Richardson near Dallas.  We went to a mosque.  The iman met us.  He showed us where to put our shoes, and showed us the wash room where the Muslim men washed their hands, elbows, feet, face and nostrils before going into the main worship room.

We women had the option of wearing a headscarf and I did like the rest.  We sat on the floor while the iman told us about their worship.  He pointed to the upper room where he said the women ‘chose’ to worship.  He said they could worship with the men, but they chose not to.

The room we were in was a long rectangular room and the iman pointed out to us that it was long so that more men could be on the front row.  He said they all wanted to be on the front row, and they would nudge the other men out of the way with their elbow, and make their way to the front.

On the wall was the 99 attributes of God and my supervisor, who was a Christian Arab, said that none of the attributes said that God is love.

After it was over, we thanked the iman and put our shoes back on and took off our scarves, and climbed on the bus to go back to the Baptist Building.  One supervisor who was also a preacher (as they all were) threw his hand up high and said:

“Thank God for Jesus!”

That is when I learned the true meaning of Christmas.

Following is my letter in the Baptist Standard that was printed this week about the True Meaning of Christmas.

The Jewish people looked for a Messiah like King David.  A powerful leader who would take down their enemies, make Jerusalem Jewish again, and who would die a mortal death, as all humans do.  The scriptures promised them a savior and they anticipated his arrival.  What they got was not what they expected.  Instead of a physical warrior who would defeat the Romans, they got a spiritual warrior who, instead of turning his eyes upon their enemies, turned his eyes upon their relationship to God.  Particularly the laws they had expanded to make life miserable, and then the artful and deceitful ways they had of getting around those laws. Read Matthew 23 to see what Jesus had to say about their spiritual condition.   Jesus came to free us from the rigamarole that man had bound God with.  All those laws didn’t mean anything because man had found ways to get around them.  Jesus told them to love God with all their heart, and to love their fellow man.  When love is the motivator, our worship of God, and helping our fellowman, will take on a different meaning.  We will feed the hungry, help the poor, heal the sick, treat others as we want to be treated, give the Good News to everyone.  We still want to make laws, especially laws about what women can and cannot do, and I wonder if Jesus would have turned his eyes upon us.

By Shirley Taylor – printed in the Baptist Standard.

  • Jesus said “My yoke is easy and my load is light.” Matthew 11:30
  •  Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself” Mark 12:31
  • “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall have everlasting life.” John 3:16

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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4 Responses to Thank God for Jesus!

  1. Mabel says:

    Well said, Amen! Where would we women be without Jesus? still “choose” to be covered up and separate(aka lower caste), and men still “choose” to be in the front row. Wish more people would know Jesus better.
    This thought came to me this morning: would anyone describe the Indian Caste system as: different types of people have different “roles” in society? Hmmmm….


  2. Kristen says:

    Hah. Those women know very well what they’ll be called and how they’ll be treated should they dare to make any other “choice.”

    Still, the way some Christians believe, it’s only a matter of degree. I was just talking to a comp who said that males leading in the church and home were not “restrictions” on women, because the women didn’t see it that way. If a woman “chooses” to let herself be restricted, is she not still restricted? And if her “choice” is couched in terms that make her a rebel against God Himself if she chooses otherwise– in what sense is it a “choice”?


    • I was just listening to tv a little while ago and it told what was being taught in Saudi textbooks. I didn’t catch it completely, but the gist of it was something derogatory about women. The thought entered my mind ” don’t our pastors see that they think the very same thing when they tell women that women are to be in subjection to their husbands.” Talk about disconnect! There is a direct line to what we are being taught to what those Saudis are being taught about women.


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